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Contribute to QA and Testing

Ubuntu, like any other software, needs good testers. You can contribute to Ubuntu simply by running the latest version and reporting software issues - we call them bugs - and helping to manage those bugs until they are fixed. For those feeling more adventurous, the community is always looking for individuals willing to test out new pre-release versions of Ubuntu.

Join the QA Team

A great way to get started helping with Ubuntu Quality is to join the QA team and subscribe to their communication channels. These initial steps will help you get acquainted with current QA related issues and help keep you informed of upcoming tasks and initiatives.
Join the Ubuntu Quality Team on Launchpad
Subscribe to the Ubuntu Quality Mailing List

Bug Reporting

While using Ubuntu, or its many software packages, it’s possible that you may experience a software issue. There are a multitude of reasons why this happens and not all issues constitute a bug. Issues that are shown to not be the result of a glitch or a simple user mistake may necessitate the need to file a bug report. The Ubuntu community uses Launchpad as its primary bug reporting and tracking system.
Browse existing bugs on Launchpad
Reporting a problem in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Pre-Release Testing

New Ubuntu versions are released every 6 months which means that prior to their release it’s critical that major bugs are identified and addressed. This is where community testers serve as an invaluable resource. Helping test Ubuntu and its numerous flavors is a fun and easy way to give back to the community.
How to become a Tester
Start using the Testing Tracker

QA and Testing IRC Channels

#ubuntu-quality IRC Channel
#ubuntu-testing IRC Channel

QA and Testing Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Quality Mailing List
Ubuntu Bugsquad Mailing List

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