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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is moving out of standard support in April 2023.

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IoT App Store

Create, publish and distribute software on the global Snap Store and your private enterprise App Store.

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Ideal for secure
software distribution

  • Advanced software management for fleets of devices
  • Secure, validated OTA update mechanisms to handle distribution at scale
  • Infrastructure for secure management and maintenance of specialised applications

Securely manage
your IoT fleet

Use your store in a way that suits your business needs. Either open source your software and publish it to the global Snap Store or manage your business and devices with a Dedicated Snap Store to explore a richer featureset.

  • Onboard new devices

    New devices are securely authenticated and added to your fleet. Devices are connected to your Dedicated Snap Store with a secure, built-in signing service.

  • Reliable over-the-air (OTA) updates

    Over-the-air updates are automatic and transactional, so devices rollback to a stable state if a failure occurs. All updates are delivered as deltas to minimise bandwidth consumption and the associated costs.

  • Detailed account delegation

    Set granular permissions for users of your Dedicated Snap Store, allowing varying tiers of access and publisher rights. You can also set permissions at the snap-level, granting collaborator rights to software publishers.

  • Usage analytics

    Track the use of your devices over a dashboard. The Dedicated Snap Store uses the APIs provided by Ubuntu Core to extract usage metrics and present them through a user-friendly interface.

Check out the dedicated Snap Store

The Dedicated Snap Store has a range of features on it's dashboard, including:

  • Snap inclusion and exclusion
  • Account delegation and role management
  • Software release management
  • Detailed snap metrics

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the Snap Store

What some of our customers say

The IoT App Store gives us the prebuilt infrastructure to seamlessly deliver OTA updates to our entire fleet.

Viktor Petersson, CEO, Screenly

Large-scale commercial IoT deployments are not one size fits all. They require infrastructure that is open, scalable, and secure, with software that can evolve to meet the changing needs of the customer. Ubuntu Core brings a powerful and open architecture to IoT gateways, ensuring they're an enabler of business success for customers, now and in the future.

Ben Corrado, Co-founder, Rigado

Building our product with snaps lets us guarantee that all updates are automatic and entirely transactional – not only for our own software, but also for the kernel and OS. What's more, snaps work on virtually all Linux operating systems, so we've been able to release our open source Domotz Pro software as a public snap that users can install on their own hardware.

Giancarlo Fanelli, CTO, Domotz

On premise and air gapped

The Snap Store Proxy is an add-on to the Dedicated Snap Store, offering additional functionality for your use case. Using the Proxy, you can pin a specific version of software on your devices or use your Dedicated Snap Store in environments with complex networking requirements.

For an on-premise experience, if you are operating devices that are completely isolated from the internet, we also offer air gapped mode.

Maximise bandwidth and speed by caching downloads and snap traffic.

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Professional services to get you started quickly

Commercial support

Canonical offers commercial support plans for enterprise deployments providing:

  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • Access to our world-class technical team
  • Private software repositories
  • Guaranteed levels of service
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IoT Professional Services

Canonical offers an expert engineering team specialising in field deployments. Explore our range of services for all embedded projects, including:

  • Full-service enablement
  • Application creation
  • Deployment services
  • Technical add-ons
  • Snap workshops

Learn more about IoT Professional Services ›

Ready to innovate?

Whether you are a startup bringing your concept to market or already have large fleets of devices deployed in the field, we have the expertise and infrastructure to launch and support you.

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