White-label app stores
for Linux and IoT

Build a platform ecosystem for connected devices to unlock new avenues for revenue generation. We provide the infrastructure for secure management and seamless software updates for your fleet of devices. Whether you need a branded app store for your IoT devices or private application repository on premise, we can accommodate your requirements.

Ready for business

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Secure authentication
  • CI/CD integration
  • Management dashboard
  • Usage analytics
  • Automatic app updates


Large-scale commercial IoT deployments are not one size fits all. They require infrastructure that is open, scalable, and secure, with software that can evolve to meet the changing needs of the customer. Ubuntu Core brings a powerful and open architecture to IoT gateways, ensuring they're an enabler of business success for customers, now and in the future.

Ben Corrado, Co-founder, Rigado

Enabling IoT ecosystems


Build new business models around your devices. Seize the opportunity to create platform business models based on software-defined devices.

Software vendors

Create a store to publish your software or re-sell software from other vendors. New distribution channels and brand visibility.

System integrators

Create a store to market your IoT solutions to clients anywhere in the world. Access new markets at minimal cost.

What use cases?

Brand stores cover a wide range of business scenarios, from simple software distribution to complex ecosystems.

  • Appliances

    Brand stores can power fleets of software-defined appliances. Devices upgrades can be offered as snaps. An admin interface is delivered out of the box with basic usage analytics functionalities.

  • Line of products

    Brand stores can be dedicated to specific IoT device series in a model family. Each device model will have a store through which applications are published and managed.

  • Platform ecosystems

    In this scenario, substores are created through which third party IoT applications can be distributed. Third party publishers maintain control of their content when distributed through reseller stores.

  • Partnerships

    Partner OEMs can create shared brand stores to complement their applications offering upstream in the value chain. This enables multi-tenancy models.

What about hosting?

Our customers have varied hosting requirements for their IoT app stores, we understand that.

In the cloud

Public and hosted by Canonical

  • Periodic automatic updates
  • Secured user and device authentication
  • SLA guarantees
How to create an app store


Privately hosted at the edge

  • Self-hosting
  • Update management
  • Customisation for compliance
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How to securely manage your IoT fleet

  • Onboard new devices

    New devices are securely authenticated and added to your managed IoT fleet. Devices are connected to a ring-fenced application store, with cryptographic protection built into the OS and the store. Access to applications and data for each device is in your control.

  • Usage analytics

    Track the use of your devices over a dashboard. The brand store taps into the APIs provided by Ubuntu Core to extract usage metrics and present them through a user-friendly interface.

  • Reliable over-the-air updates

    Application and OS updates are delivered as deltas to minimise bandwidth consumption and the associated costs. Over-the-air updates are atomic, so devices rollback to a stable state when a failure occurs.

  • Tamper-proof fleet management

    Device policies and configuration are defined and controlled by documents stored on the device, and signed by OEMs with strong cryptography. Manufacturers have full control over usage of their devices.

Optimising IoT bandwidth with delta updates


Many enterprises and device manufacturers depend on Canonical's IoT Brand Stores to distribute software onto their devices in the field. Additionally, Canonical can provide commercial support plans for enterprises through Ubuntu Advantage. The Snap Store Proxy for enterprises to control, update and isolate their devices from the internet.

Commercial support

Canonical offers commercial support plans for large enterprise deployments providing:

  • Private software repositories
  • Guaranteed levels of service
  • Own app ecosystem control and management
  • Snap Store Proxy functionality
  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • Access to our world-class technical team and library
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Enterprise App Store

The Enterprise App Store gives you all the benefits of an IoT app store with device, OS and application updates all within your firewall.

  • Pin to a specific version of software on your devices
  • Determine which devices connect to your Enterprise App Store
  • Manage users allowed to override revisions
  • Maximise bandwidth and speed by caching downloads

Learn more about the Snap store proxy

Dedicated App Store

Curate your own app collection with custom pricing and unique applications.

Optional managed app store includes role-based access controls, complete control of application versions, updates and controlled rollouts for $15,000 per year. We enable integrators and VARs to operate app stores on behalf of their clients. Access to the full Ubuntu app ecosystem requires device certification.

Enterprise App Store

Control snap distribution inside your firewall, and cache snap traffic for network efficiency.

The enterprise snap store enables your administrators to control snap updates and upgrades. Ensure that all device traffic goes through an audited communications channel and determine the precise versions of snaps used inside the business.

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