An IoT app store for
all your devices

Manufacturers can cut the cost of managing software updates on their devices and take advantage of new revenue opportunities by selling services via their own branded IoT app store — hosted by Canonical.

Control the user’s experience

The option of a private or public store enables you to select which software and apps are available to your customers. And device access ensures only authenticated users can access your store.

Managing your store is simple

Procedures and standards for your store are defined by you, or you could chose to adhere to an existing IT policy within a private store. You can also grant or deny access to selected developers who are authorised to distribute and upload content.

Continued monetisation

Your store will open up a new method of generating revenue streams by allowing you to offer ongoing services to your customers — from additional apps to extended support.

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Manage your store

  • Your own software repository to manage software updates across your device fleet
  • Create a public app store or a private repository depending on device
  • Use the store inheritance feature to create reseller models and rich app ecosystems

Manage your users

  • Make your software stack visible or invisible to users as you choose
  • Only allow software downloads you have selected and tested
  • Monetise your device post-sales by offering paid apps and services

Manage your developers

  • You have the ability to restrict developer access to the store - both internally and externally
  • Enforce protocols for apps submission for internal and external developers
  • Give your developers the best tools for software production and distribution
  • Integrate your store with CI / CD and beta testing

Learn more about IoT app stores

This new app store is much more than an easy way for Orange Pi owners to find and install great applications.

The store offers Orange Pi developers a powerful set of tools to go much faster from development to production with CI integration, cross-platform building and beta distribution.

Steven Zhao, the CEO of Xunlong / Orange Pi

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Enterprise support for IoT app stores

Many enterprises and device manufacturers depend on Canonical’s freely available IoT app store to distribute software onto their devices in the field. Additionally, Canonical can provide commercial support plans for enterprises through Ubuntu Advantage. And a Snap Store Proxy for enterprises to control, update and isolate their devices from the internet.

Commercial support

Canonical offers commercial support plans for large enterprise deployments providing:

  • Private software repositories
  • Guaranteed levels of service
  • Own app ecosystem control and management
  • Snap Store Proxy functionality
  • 24/7 phone and web support
  • Access to our world-class technical team and library

Snap Store Proxy

A proxy gives you all the benefits of an IoT app store with device, OS and application updates all within your firewall.

  • Pin to a specific version of software on your devices
  • Determine which devices connect to your proxy
  • Manage users allowed to override revisions
  • Maximise bandwidth and speed by caching downloads

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