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Power your device with our IoT professional services

Sometimes all you need is a bit of help. We ship open source globally to millions of users every day. Our IoT professional services bring the same infrastructure and expertise to your innovation.

Simple choices

We've standardised and accelerated your journey to market. Let our Linux experts help you ensure the success of your application packaging on Ubuntu.

Pick a board

  • Support for x86 boards (Intel NUC family and more)
  • Support for ARM boards (Nvidia, NXP, AMD, Qualcomm, and more)
  • RISC-V boards, and x86 (Intel)
  • Wide variety of peripherals supported, with more added every week

Package your apps

  • App embedding and creation of production image
  • Strict application isolation for security
  • Tamper-proof containerisation
  • Automatic over-the-air (OTA) updates

Build your app store

  • Branded IoT app store
  • Secured, hosted and managed
  • Global CDN for software delivery
  • CI/CD pipeline integration

Manage software updates

  • Choose suitable update frequency
  • Automatic roll-backs on failure
  • Manage your fleet of devices
  • Operate in well-connected and air-gapped environments

Your services

Hardware enablement

Bring up your Ubuntu Core device on any Linux-capable hardware

Secure boot

Secure the boot chain for your devices to prevent malicious attacks

Cloud integration

Support for Microsoft Azure IoT, AWS Greengrass and more

Full disk encryption

Secure data at rest for privacy and confidentiality to your device

Embedded Linux is easy
on Ubuntu

We handle the board, you handle the apps

With our hardware enablement, there are no bad BSPs, no maintenance nightmares, no integration delays.

Discover Ubuntu Enablement Services ›

Mission critical support

Canonical supports Ubuntu Core devices

World class support for product teams and enterprise customers. Get to the heart of a problem faster, get fixes straight from the source.

Industrial SLAs for your industrial cases.

Discover Ubuntu Enterprise Support ›

Ready to innovate?

Whether you are a startup bringing your concept to market or already have large fleets of devices deployed in the field, we have the expertise and infrastructure to launch and support you.

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