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Firefighting Support

The best self-managed alternative to Canonical Managed Services. Get engineers on call to help you resolve the most critical issues, while continuing to manage your own environments.

Enhance your cloud support now

Alternative to direct management

Whether you're running OpenStack or Kubeflow, operation management can be tough. That's why Canonical offers fully managed services, which relieve you of that worry. However, be it due to security regulations or other issues, giving our engineers access to your environments is not something you can always do.

This is why we launched Firefighting Support, a package that gives you dual, highly-enhanced cloud support from Canonical's Support and Managed Solutions engineering teams.

You thus get managed service-level security and peace of mind, while still completely managing your environments by yourself.

Key benefits

We've designed Firefighting Support to give you a level of cloud support as close as possible to a fully managed service

  • Access to a video call with a Canonical Managed Solutions engineer within 1 hour of flagging a high severity incident
  • Ubuntu Pro with 24/7 support included for all covered products
  • Dual team cloud support for your products: the Support and Managed Solutions teams work together to resolve your issues
  • Access to Ops Consulting packages
  • Full control of your environments

Get Firefighting Support

Is Firefighting Support
right for you?

Firefighting Support is a useful tool in most circumstances. Nevertheless, we've created the service to address three key fields:

Government clouds

Generally, governments and intergovernmental institutions have very stringent regulations that forbid third parties from providing direct operational management. This, however, does not make your operations easier. Firefighting Support gives you extra peace of mind while allowing you to remain fully compliant with your security policies.

Highly private telecommunications networks

There are telco networks that even the most secure third parties can't touch. But managing their workloads can be tough, especially for emerging teams. Canonical's Firefighting Support can allow your private networks to operate more smoothly by having your back in urgent situations.

Cloud upgrades

It's time to upgrade your cloud to the newest version, and it's rightfully intimidating. Consider Firefighting Support, so you can benefit from the expertise and experience of our Managed Solutions engineers, who will help you immediately fix any issues that arise during the upgrade.

Your options

Fully managed solutions Firefighting Support
What it is Canonical engineers deploy your environment and manage all operations. We maintain admin rights and a permanent connection. Canonical engineers provide cloud support and guidance in high-severity situations, while you manage your operations.
Ubuntu Pro + Support 24/7 Included Included
Service levels 1-hour SLA for high severity cases, all other cases addressed in under 24 hours 1-hour SLA for high severity cases
Incident management Unlimited, covering cases we identify ourselves or flagged by you Only for high severity cases that impact the product's core functionality
Service requests Unlimited One at a time per environment
Backup and recovery Unlimited Not covered
Software and package updates Unlimited Not covered
Capacity reports Available Unavailable
Admin access Required Not required


What's the difference between Firefighting Support and Ubuntu Pro support?

Firefighting Support is an enhanced level of security that includes Ubuntu Pro. You get better SLAs and an additional team that understands your environment before helping you in high-severity incidents. You still get all the benefits of Ubuntu Pro, and then some.

Can I get Firefighting Support if I already have Ubuntu Pro?

Yes, you can. Your cloud may need to undergo a cloud validation from our team, and you will only pay an additional upgrade fee.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the products you want to cover and the number of nodes. Our pricing model is simple, intuitive, and works on a per node per year basis. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Which products does Firefighting Support cover?

Firefighting Support covers Charmed OpenStack, Canonical Kubernetes, as well as our entire Managed Apps portfolio.

Unlock Ops Consulting

Want to discuss your tech plans in more depth? Curious about how you can start managing your environments yourself? Or do you simply want to learn more about the products in your stack?

Talk to Canonical Managed Solutions engineers through Ops Consulting, a package that gives you access to one-to-one calls with our topic experts.

Upgrade support

We understand that upgrading infrastructure or apps can be challenging. If we can't upgrade it for you via Managed Services, you can still discuss the best upgrade practices with our engineers through Ops Consulting and get guidance on how to do it yourself.

Operational experience

If there are topics that give you headaches when managing your environments, our engineers can advise you on how to avoid common mistakes and how to fix recurrent problems. We've been managing environments for over a decade, so we've always got insightful tips.

Team training

Have you already benefited from our Managed Solutions offering, and feel confident to take over the reins and manage your environments by yourself? We've still got you covered, with training material and best practices to be shared in consulting sessions.

Ops Consulting packages

You can access Ops Consulting regardless of the size of your infrastructure or current projects, as long as you've got one of our Firefighting Support or fully managed services active.

We offer three packages that give you a number of consulting hours you can book in a month to discuss topics of your choice with our engineers. The hours do not roll over, but you never have to commit for more than a month.



Occasional meetings for non-urgent matters, allowing you to discuss concerns and improve the efficiency of your operations.



Regular meetings that allow you to have in-depth discussions on pressing matters, or get a baseline training in operational management for your products.



Daily or highly recurrent meetings with engineers, helping you gain skills quickly or prepare for a significant change in your environment.