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Ubuntu Pro: security, compliance, and support

Ubuntu Pro covers all aspects of open infrastructure and applications.

Ubuntu Pro pricing

(including security coverage for Main + Universe)

(software only)
With Infra support
With full support
$25 $300
Server with unlimited VMs
$500 $1,775 $3,400

Security and compliance
(software only)
With Infra support
With full support
Security patching for Ubuntu Main repository for 10 years (esm-infra) yes yes yes
Security patching for Ubuntu Universe repository for 10 years (esm-apps)
(Ubuntu 16.04 LTS onwards)
yes yes yes
Kernel Livepatch to avoid unscheduled reboots yes yes yes
Systems management at scale with Landscape yes yes yes
Real-time kernel
(Ubuntu 22.04 LTS onwards)
yes yes yes
NIST-certified FIPS crypto-modules
(pending for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS)
yes yes yes
USG hardening with CIS and DISA-STIG profiles
(DISA-STIG tooling & automation for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS)
yes yes yes
Common Criteria EAL2
(Ubuntu LTS 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS only)
yes yes yes
Advanced Active Directory policies for Ubuntu Desktop yes yes yes
Certified Windows drivers for KVM guests yes yes yes
Knowledge base access yes yes yes
Ubuntu Assurance Program no yes yes

Phone and ticket support
(software only)
With Infra support
With full support
Support for over 2,300 packages in Ubuntu Main repository, incl. the Ubuntu operating system no yes yes
Support for over 23,000 packages in the Ubuntu Universe repository(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS onwards) no no yes
Support for Kubernetes, LXD no yes yes
Support for MAAS no yes yes
Support for Openstack no yes yes
Support for Ceph Storage no yes yes


N.B.: Weekday support is half the price of 24/7 support

N.B.: Legacy add-on is priced at +50% of the relevant Ubuntu Pro subscription

N.B.: Subscriptions are not just for enterprise customers. Anyone can get a personal subscription for free on up to 5 machines

N.B.: If you need security patching for the Main repository only - contact us and ask for Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only) subscriptions or go to the store

Coverage options

Infra-only coverage

Over 2,300 open source deb packages in Ubuntu Main repository for 10 years, including

Full stack coverage

Also includes over 23,000 open source deb packages in Ubuntu Universe repository for 10 years, including:

Software-defined storage

Ceph and Swift

Only applies if attaching more than 192TB of raw Ceph/Swift capacity per node in the cluster. Additional capacity is priced per node exceeding 192TB included in Ubuntu Pro.

Additional Cluster Capacity Tier Price Additional Per TB
Up to 150 TB 0 $33.33
150 - 1,500 TB $5,000 $25.00
1500 - 3,000 TB $38,750 $13.33
3,000 to 15,000 TB $58,750 $6.67
15,000 to 30,000 TB $138,750 $3.33
Beyond 30,000 TB $188,750 $0

Prices are for Ubuntu Pro + 24/7 support contracts.
Weekday support is discounted by 50%.

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Fully managed OpenStack, Kubernetes and LMA

We manage infrastructure at both the host and the guest level. Infrastructure includes Ceph and Swift storage, Kubernetes, OpenStack and the recommended logging, monitoring and alerting stack.

Feature Per VM Per host
Managed Kubernetes on public cloud, VMware or OpenStack $1,305 $2,925*
Managed OpenStack on bare metal   $5,475
Managed Kubernetes on bare metal   $3,985
Managed Ceph on bare metal   $3,485
Combined offering - managed on-demand K8s on fully managed OpenStack   $6,351

* On a VMware or OpenStack cluster, managed guests can be priced per host in the cluster.

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Support and commercial capabilities for MAAS are included with Ubuntu Pro and Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only). These additional charges apply for machines managed by MAAS and not covered by an Ubuntu Pro contract.

Feature Self-Support Weekday support 24/7 support
Per managed machine - annual $30 $50 $100
Phone and ticket support None Office hours 24/7
Response time - SLA Sev 1 4 hours 1 hour
Knowledge base access Included Included Included
Role based access controls (RBAC) Included Included Included
High availability Included Included Included

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