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Secure embedded devices with Ubuntu Core

An operating system designed for IoT

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Embedded Linux: make or buy?

Commercial support vs. roll-your-own distribution: a dilemma.

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For smart use cases

Get Core. Get snaps. Get going.

Security first

Imagine a world where every device is trustworthy

We rethought every aspect of Ubuntu to create the most secure embedded Linux ever.

Read an independent security audit of Ubuntu Core ›

Tamper-resistant and hardened against corruption

Every aspect of the system is checked and verified.

You need to know your software is pristine; not just for installation, but for the lifetime of the device.

Immutable packages and persistent digital signatures mean Ubuntu Core can verify any software component at any time, to guard against corruption and attack.

Learn more about full disk encryption ›

Strict confinement everywhere

Keep a bad app in its box

You trust your developers, but anybody can make a mistake. We created and integrated a whole new armoury of Linux security capabilities to ensure applications stay confined to their own data.

Learn more about confinement

10 year security update commitment

That's a decade of sleeping soundly

Ubuntu Core gets 10 years of Canonical maintenance.
Your smallest devices are now as secure as your servers.
No other embedded Linux comes close.

Minimal core, minimal risk, minimal bugs

We stripped Ubuntu Core down to bare essentials

Fewer packages to attack, fewer bugs to fix, fewer forced changes. We reduced the OS to reduce the attack surface. That leaves more disk for your applications and data.

Vulnerability scanning

We check for known weaknesses or risks

Automatic scanning of all snaps for vulnerable libraries and problematic code keeps the Ubuntu Core ecosystem clean and healthy.

Secure boot

System integrity with hardware trust

Guarantee your entire fleet of devices runs the system software you select, and resist low-level boot attacks on X86 and ARM.

Learn more about secure boot ›

Full disk encryption

Protect sensitive customer data

Lock data to devices with hardware keys in TPM or TEE, and unlock disks for your system software only, to block a physical attack on sensitive information.

Learn more about full disk encryption ›

Built for business

Bring your applications, we take care of the rest.

OTA update control

Decide which updates go to your devices.

Over the air updates guarantee secure software in any location. As a device manufacturer or a snap publisher, you decide which updates are signed, certified and delivered to your devices.

Learn more about OTA updates ›

Your dedicated app store

Software curation made easy

Every device built with Ubuntu Core has a secure app store. Use the global store for access to thousands of free applications. Curate your own software collection with a private, enterprise app store.

Read the app store datasheet

Learn more about app stores

Enterprise management

Absolute control over every device in the building.

Enterprises gain complete control over every app on every device on the network, regardless of manufacturer. Know exactly which kernel version and which apps are running.

License compliance

Keep track of the licenses you depend on

Standard license metadata simplifies compliance. Ubuntu Core uses open source packages from the world’s most widely deployed Linux, and we track licenses in each system component, so you don’t have to.

Mission critical support

Canonical supports Ubuntu Core devices

World class support - for product teams and enterprise customers. Get to the heart of a problem faster, get fixes straight from the source.

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Developers love Ubuntu

Your business is software defined.
Keep developers happy and productive.

  • Happy developers create amazing products
  • Amazing products attract more great developers
  • 8/10 Linux developers choose Ubuntu

One platform from cloud to device

Bring apps from Ubuntu Server to Ubuntu Core

Snaps run on Ubuntu Server, Desktop and Core. One platform, one process. Your developer workstation, your build farm, your cloud and servers all use snaps. Your appliances can too, with extra security.

Build your IoT application with Snapcraft

Embedded Linux is easy on Ubuntu

We handle the board, you handle the apps

No bad BSPs. No maintenance nightmares. No integration delays. Just develop on Ubuntu. Embedded, but not as you knew it.

Deploy to devices as fast as the cloud

Continuous deployment on devices

Put your devices on rails for rapid iteration with continuous deployment pipelines, beta testing and canary updates. Featuring Travis integration and a multi-arch build service.

More about CI/CD with Snapcraft

Harness all things open source

From GitHub to Ubuntu Core in minutes.

Ride the open source wave, or build your own community. Open source projects default to Ubuntu, so building is easy.

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Incredible reliability

Every application update has a backup plan.

Every device has a backup kernel and OS.

Because every device matters.

Transactional updates everywhere

Preserve data, and rollback on error automatically

Your power supply may not be reliable. Your devices will be. Resilience to adversity saves money and reputations. Rely on Ubuntu Core to deliver your software updates safely.

Backup boot paths

Low-level updates preserve the prior boot path.

When you have to update the kernel or the operating system you want to know you can go back if needed. Ubuntu Core keeps the last working boot so you always have a safety net.

Snapshots for application data

Standard mechanisms for application data management.

Every device has apps which keep track of critical data. We make sure you can manage the data which matters to you, consistently, across all your Ubuntu Core devices. Backup and restore anything, anywhere.

Low-touch device recovery

Remote device recovery in the field.

Dramatically reduce the cost of field maintenance.

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Reduce the cost of Linux

Use Ubuntu Core for free. Pay only for extra services.

The reference images of Ubuntu Core are free to redistribute. Engage Canonical for enablement and custom service levels. We'll get you to market faster.

Bandwidth matters for billions of devices

Delta updates reduce traffic to the edge

Standard updates can use a lot of bandwidth. Ubuntu Core handles updates differently. Control costs with automatic compression and delta composition.

Ubuntu board support by Canonical

First class enablement for widely used boards and silicon

Low-level development is a distraction in the race to market. Focus all your effort on differentiation, not Linux. Pre-certified boards keep you out of the weeds.

See our supported boards ›

Right-size your silicon

Finish your apps, then choose your chips.

A standard platform means you can develop your software and polish your industrial design first, then choose the right size chips for your experience based on real code and data.

Get the best deal when you're ready to ship.

Choice of ARM or x86

Unified application build experience

We support both 32-bit and 64-bit apps on both architectures. If it doesn't compile and run the same, we'll fix it.

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