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Docker containers for IoT

Challenges and alternatives


Container solutions have significantly improved cloud operations and the development experience, and there is no container solution more prevalent than Docker. But is Docker a good choice for use in IoT devices?

Docker is often preferred to develop a proof of concept. Packaging workloads consistently across clouds and devices also has an appeal. However, IoT devices are exposed to far greater threats compared to a server that’s guarded 24/7 in a data centre.

Does Docker provide the security capabilities needed for IoT operations? While it is easy to rapidly develop IoT apps as Docker containers, secure production deployments and operations are difficult.

In this whitepaper, we explore the benefits and challenges of using Docker containers for IoT projects. We present Snaps as an application container engineered with device security in mind. This will help you decide if Docker or Snaps make sense for your edge compute project.

You will find guidance on how to:

  • Securely interact with hardware from your application container.
  • Engineer workloads with long-term maintenance in mind.
  • Keep edge applications always secure and up to date.
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