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Fully managed Ceph

Reduce operational complexity by allowing Canonical's experts to operate and maintain your Ceph cluster.

  • Fully managed on your servers, in your own data center, or in a co-location facility
  • Built using a proven reference architecture
  • Customise the cluster architecture based on your needs
  • Integrated with your infrastructure, on-prem, hybrid, or public cloud
  • Existing workload analysis and migration services
  • Enterprise SLA for all protocols
  • Your team retains access to all machines at all times
  • Modern monitoring and log management
  • We will hand over the keys when you are ready

Focus on your business applications, while Canonical takes care of your storage needs.

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Build, operate, transfer and support

Deploy a fully managed Ceph cluster in a few weeks with these simple steps.

  1. Design

    Our experts work with your team to design a Ceph cluster suited to your needs. We guide you through hardware and configuration decisions, to ensure that the resulting cluster is tailored to meet your performance, capacity, security and integration requirements.

  2. Model

    On completion of the design, all decisions are translated into a reusable model. This model allows for reuse across multiple environments, and guarantees repeatable deployments and integrations with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems.

  3. Deploy

    Our experts will deploy the Ceph cluster in any location, that could be your own on-premise data center, or a co-location facility. Once your hardware is stood up, we test it end-to-end, ensuring all components are functional, and the networking is correctly configured. Then we build the cluster, validate it, and finally benchmark it's performance before your data is onboarded.

  4. Operate

    The Ceph cluster is fully managed 24x7 by our team of experts. We provide monitoring, incident and problem resolution and take care of day-to-day maintenance tasks, including Ceph upgrades, and our 24x7 commercial support includes security updates, and bug fixes.

  5. Transfer

    Optionally, on your request, we will transfer control of your Ceph cluster back to your organization, we can provide training to ensure your team will be able to operate the Ceph cluster and perform a formal handover process. We continue to provide commercial support to make sure that you continue to receive security updates, bug fixes and help as required.

Companies using Ceph

There are multiple users of Ceph across a broad range of industries, from academia to telecommunications and cloud service providers. Ceph is particularly favoured for its flexibility, scalability, and robustness.

Notable Ceph users