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MLflow made easy

A seamless start to your machine learning journey with open source

Charmed MFlow is a lightweight and secure machine learning platform for any developer. It can be deployed on your infrastructure of choice, and is backed by expert support.

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Get the features of
upstream MLflow

Charmed MLflow, Canonical's distribution of the upstream project, comes with all the upstream features, including:

  • Experiment tracking
  • Record and query experiments: code, data, config and results.

  • Reproducible projects
  • Package data science code in a format that enables reproducible runs on any platform.

  • Model registry
  • Store, annotate and manage models in a centralised repository.

  • Models deployment
  • Deploy machine learning models in diverse serving environments.

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With the peace of mind of a secure and supported solution

In addition to upstream features, Charmed MLflow includes:

  • Integration with machine learning and big data tools
  • Simplified deployment on any infrastructure
  • Security patching
  • Bug fixing

Use Charmed MLflow with

Deploy easily on any infra, from workstations to public clouds


Run Charmed MLflow on any environment. The machine learning platform is made for everyone – from enthusiasts who are just getting started to enterprises running workloads at scale.

  • Quickly deploy it on a workstation
  • Deploy on any CNCF-conformant Kubernetes
  • Run it on a public cloud
Deploy Charmed MLflow on any infra

MLflow services

Managed services

We manage your MLflow deployments on any cloud, including: automatically deploying, patching, optimising and upgrading with our open source operator.

  • Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Expert help in application operations
  • 24/7 support included
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Enterprise support

We provide 24/7 phone and ticket support for your MLflow deployments on any environment with an Ubuntu Pro + Support subscription.

  • Backed by an SLA
  • Quickly resolve technical support issues
  • Expert help in applications operations, troubleshooting and bug fixes
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MLflow resources

Charmed MLflow docs

Read more about Charmed MLflow's capabilities and follow our tutorials.

Intro to MLflow

Understand the differences between the upstream project and Canonical's distribution.

Kubeflow vs. MLflow

Understand the differences between the most famous open source solutions.

Guide to MLOps

Learn how to take models to production using open source MLOps platforms.

Start your machine learning journey with open source

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