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Carrier-grade open source for telecom

Canonical offers secure, modular and interoperable solutions for public and private clouds, multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments at centralised or distributed sites.

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Cut your telco infrastructure costs ›

Open source for the entire telco stack

Achieve a cost-efficient and flexible software-based telecom infrastructure with production-grade open source solutions supported for 10 years.

Build a trusted, reliable and fully functional end-to-end network with lifecycle management and automation in place using model-driven operations.

Learn more about using open source for telco:

Globally trusted by leading service providers

Reduce 5G infrastructure costs with open source

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One subscription for full stack security coverage

Canonical offers you Ubuntu Pro the most comprehensive subscription to offload the compliance, security and support needs of your entire open source telco stack.

  • Security hardening and compliance for remediation and auditing at scale
  • Support for a wide range of security frameworks and compliance profiles
  • 10 years of security maintenance with timely CVE patches and software dependency management
  • Uninterrupted telco workloads and operations while ensuring system security
  • Confined execution spaces for telco workloads for desired levels of system isolation

Access the webinar on telco security with Ubuntu Pro ›

Learn more about Ubuntu Pro ›

Performant and efficient telco edge clouds

Modern edge clouds delivered with carrier-grade open source solutions, tailored for the needs of telecom operators.

  • Minimal footprint with optimal sizes
  • Scalable, modular and highly-available
  • Cloud-native for Open RAN, 5G and MEC
  • Unattended operations with full automation
  • Security and compliance with Ubuntu Pro
  • Strictly confined and sandboxed orchestration
  • Automatic updates and streamlined upgrades
  • Multi-tenancy, identity and authentication
  • Observability at every part of the stack
  • Highly performant telco data plane
  • Ultra-reliability and bounded low latency

Learn more about our modern telco edge solutions:

With Canonical's Anbox Cloud technology, Vodafone delivered a full smartphone experience on entry-level smartphones and other connected devices via 5G connectivity

Read the story on Vodafone's website ›

Real-time kernel for telco

Run your edge computing workloads and your devices on an ultra-reliable Linux kernel with bounded low latency.

Achieve agility and reliability in your business applications for industry 4.0, automation, autonomous driving, healthcare, smart city, smart energy grid, and many more.

Read the blogs:

Modern virtualisation infrastructure solutions for 5G

Automation and lifecycle management brought to fully upstream open source solutions, with security and observability.

Virtual infrastructure for VMs, engineered for best price-performance

  • Economical in every way.
  • Smart operations, optimal architecture and better pricing.
  • TCO reduction of your cloud, while expanding your budget for innovation with Canonical OpenStack and Canonical MicroCloud

Thanks to Canonical's OpenStack distribution, BT can bring 5G to more people in the UK, with cost-effectiveness and reliability. This was delivered with Canonical's automation solutions, which made it possible for BT to better scale and manage large-scale infrastructure.

Read the case study ›

Infrastructure for cloud native telco

  • Modular and scalable edge clouds with Canonical Kubernetes on MicroCloud or bare metal
  • Reliable and stable core clouds with Canonical Kubernetes on OpenStack or bare metal
  • Repeatable and trusted deployment and operations for CNFs
  • Optimal and minimally-sized containers with chiselled Ubuntu images

Learn how we support cloud-native telco with:

Open source private 5G and LTE networks

Use-cases, tools and technologies

Watch webinar

Private mobile network

Streamline the efficiency and productivity of your business applications with the performance and cost-efficiency benefits brought to you by private mobile networks with our secure open source solutions.

Focus on your business applications and processes while our software runs and maintains your telco infrastructure with automation.

We provide a full software stack with repeatable deployment steps that easily scale across your enterprise sites.

Our private mobile telco stack is powered by carrier-grade software infrastructure products that come with built-in high-availability, security and interoperability.

Intro to open source private LTE and 5G ›

Latest Telco news from our blog ›

Programs we are proud to be part of:

See what our customers say about us:

We're reinventing how we scale by becoming simpler and modular, similar to how applications have evolved in cloud data centres. Open source and OpenStack innovations represent a unique opportunity to meet these requirements and Canonical's cloud and open source expertise make them a good choice for AT&T.

Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President of Cloud Technology, Strategy and Planning at AT&T.

Canonical is providing us with the 'cloud-native' foundation that enables us to create a smart and fully converged network. Utilising open source and best-of-breed technologies will ensure we can deliver on our convergence vision, and enable a world-leading 5G and FTTP experience for our customers.

Neil J. McRae, BT Group Chief Architect.

Read the case study ›

By bringing new 'Thin Apps' closer to the customer, we enable them to access apps on tap in more places, and unhindered by the lag of a distant data centre.

Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone.

Read the story on Vodafone's website ›

Innovate in telecommunications with Canonical

The experts in open source operations, from cloud to devices, are ready to help you on your journey.

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