NFV and beyond

Carrier-grade solutions for telcos

The entire NFV stack: NFVI/VIM, MANO, edge and IoT.
Designed for both traditional VNFs and cloud-native CNFs.
Cost-effective, secure, supported, fully-managed.

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Smart operations, reduced TCO

The biggest promise behind NFV transformation is TCO reduction. Canonical fulfils that promise.

Designed with economics in mind, Canonical's solutions for telecommunications ensure ROI, providing first class quality at the same time.

Move from legacy hardware-based appliances to software-based network services and benefit from cost savings and increased flexibility.

Save costs by operating your infrastructure and applications the smart way, ensuring full automation from day 0 to day N.

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NFV solutions for 4G, 5G and beyond

Selected by leading global service providers as a vendor for their 5G infrastructure implementation, Canonical is constantly looking above and beyond.

As a proud member of ETSI, OSM, OPNFV and CNTT communities Canonical helps the entire telco market tackle new challenges by driving innovation in telecommunications.

Being involved in the NFV wave since its very early beginning, Canonical helps telcos with their 4G and 5G implementation.

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Optimised for edge workloads

Take off on the edge by using a bullet proof infrastructure stack designed for running workloads aligned with RAN and MEC technologies.

Benefit from full automation, maximum security and a reduced footprint optimised for the edge hardware.

In response to increasing demands for high bandwidth and low latency, Canonical provides comprehensive solutions for both near and far edge. From micro clouds to devices.

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The entire NFV stack

NFVI and MANO are based on established open source technologies, designed for hosting mission-critical VNFs and CNFs with the most demanding performance and security requirements.

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NFV infrastructure based on OpenStack and Kubernetes

Fully automated deployments and operations. Competitive pricing. 100% open source. This is what makes Canonical's Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes the most economical NFVI/VIM platform on the market.

Operate with confidence: supported or fully-managed. Get HA everywhere, an integrated LMA stack, data protection, choices of SDN and storage, production-grade SLAs and more.

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Network functions management and orchestration with OSM

Supported by 15+ global service providers, the OSM project enables telcos with management and orchestration capabilities for their VNFs and CNFs.

Fully operational MANO stack aligned with ETSI NFV. Production-grade, industry-supported, mature.

Designed for any type of workload: physical, virtual and containerised; open source and proprietary.

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We're reinventing how we scale by becoming simpler and modular, similar to how applications have evolved in cloud data centers. Open source and OpenStack innovations represent a unique opportunity to meet these requirements and Canonical's cloud and open source expertise make them a good choice for AT&T.

Toby Ford, Assistant Vice President of Cloud Technology, Strategy and Planning at AT&T

Canonical is providing us with the 'cloud-native' foundation that enables us to create a smart and fully converged network. Utilising open source and best-of-breed technologies will ensure we can deliver on our convergence vision, and enable a world-leading 5G and FTTP experience for our customers.

Neil J. McRae, BT Group Chief Architect

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Near edge: micro clouds

On the near edge, where it is not possible to run full NFVI with OpenStack due to limited resources, Canonical helps telcos to get most out of their hardware. In such environments a micro cloud is the way to go.

Run and remotely manage physical, virtualised and containerised workloads in a fully automated way with a minimal footprint.

MAAS, LXD, Ceph and MicroK8s. Proper tools for serious workloads.

Far edge: gateways, networking, digital signage and more

Avoid device lock and benefit from fully automated updates and operations by using an embedded version of the Ubuntu operating system - Ubuntu Core.

Gateways, network devices and digital signage. Designed for devices with limited hardware resources, Ubuntu Core is both lightweight and robust.

Fully hardened OS. Automated remote updates. Both virtualised and containerised workloads supported.

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VNF onboarding: virtualised or cloud-native

Dedicated to supporting the entire NFV stack, Canonical partners with leading telecommunications vendors to onboard their VNFs and CNFs on OpenStack/Kubernetes.

Virtualised or cloud-native. Performance-optimised and secure. Real telco workloads are our business.

5G core, vEPC, vIMS, vCPE, vPE and more.

Watch the webinar: "NFV, cloud-native networking and OSM: everything you need to know"

Best NFV performance

Driven by the requirements of the industry, Canonical's Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes support all necessary performance extensions to run software-based network services for telco workloads:

  • 100 Gbps networking
  • OVS hardware offloading
  • SR-IOV
  • DPDK
  • CPU pinning
  • NUMA topology
  • Hugepages
  • PCI passthrough
  • GPU passthrough

Learn about the latest performance improvements in OpenStack Ussuri

The highest level of security

Ubuntu is the most secure enterprise Linux distribution, providing security out of the box with up to 10 years of security updates.

Run your NFV infrastructure and applications with confidence. Benefit from the highest level of security provided by data encryption on the fly and at rest, infrastructure stack hardening, containerised control plane, Kernel Livepatch service, and more.

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Full telco stack support

One subscription to support all parts of the infrastructure: from operating system to containers.

Predictable and competitive pricing.

True telco-grade support:

  • Aggressive SLAs
  • 24/7 phone and ticket support
  • Ubuntu systems management with Landscape
  • Knowledgebase access
  • Fully-managed service option

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Straightforward compliance

Confidently integrate open source components into your proprietary solutions. Source identification for all software components, all the time.

Simplify compliance. Streamline certification. Protect innovation. CIS and DISA/STIG benchmarks. Common Criteria and GDPR certified.

Watch the webinar - "Securing the enterprise: how Ubuntu is at the forefront of security & compliance" ›


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