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Telecom infrastructure the open source way

Automated, secure and cloud native telco

The telecom space is in a phase of explosive growth and innovation. With all the use-cases like OpenRAN, next generation core networks (5G and beyond) or AI/ML at the edge.

All of these need different types of infrastructure like hybrid cloud, public cloud, on-prem only large data centers, or highly distributed edge micro clouds. This introduces very high levels of complexity and requires a great deal of automation.

Telco already realized that open source gives a lot of benefits and open source platforms like Linux, OpenStack and Kubernetes are key components of almost every LTE and 5G network on the planet.

That’s why we created this whitepaper, with an overview of the telecom operators infrastructure, and how to use open source software in an automated, secure and cloud native way. You will learn:

  • How to create Virtualized Network Functions and Cloud Native Network functions infrastructure with best price performance
  • What are the most modern way of automating software deployments with model driven operations
  • How to instantiate any bare metal servers, and manage them via an API, as efficiently as you use instances on the public cloud
  • How to configure and operate telco grade compute, storage and networking
  • What platforms you can get with 10 years of security maintenance
  • How to create micro clouds - distributed compute pools, which can serve OpenRAN, MEC and other edge use cases
  • What it takes to have an infrastructure understanding Enhanced Platform awareness features needed by the workloads like SR-IOV, DPDK, HW accelerators etc.
  • How to benefit from the work of open source communities not only on the infrastructure side but also telecom software like OpenRAN, Magma, OMEC and OSM.
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