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Canonical OpenStack

Enterprise cloud platform engineered for price-performance

Multi-cloud operations are more cost-effective with your own cloud. Your own cloud is more cost-effective with Canonical's Charmed OpenStack.

Get OpenStack

Save up to two-thirds compared to hyperscalers ›

Proven record of success

Telcos, financial institutions, hardware manufacturers, government institutions, enterprises.

OpenStack and Ubuntu help you optimise infrastructure costs across all market sectors all over the world.

Price-performance guaranteed

Designed to be economical in every way

Smart operations, optimal architecture, better pricing.

All of this to ensure cloud TCO reduction, while expanding your budget for innovation.

Download the datasheet ›

Public Cloud


Private Cloud

VM hours

Maximum multi-cloud cost optimisation

Run your workloads where it makes the most sense from an economical standpoint

The future of infrastructure is multi-cloud.

Using private and public cloud infrastructure at the same time allows you to optimise your CapEx and OpEx costs.

Optimise your cloud costs

Cheaper VMs

Machines cost less if they run in your cloud

Compare the prices of sample VMs running on a baseline Charmed OpenStack cloud over a three-year period. The calculations include hardware costs, typical hosting charges and a fully-managed service*.

Check pricing for other VMs ›

* Exact prices may vary depending on the used hardware, cloud configuration, local hosting charges and salary costs.

VM flavour Number of VMs Price per hour
3078 $0.0132
1539 $0.0264
769 $0.0529
384 $0.1059

Cost-effective cloud infrastructure

For private clouds and public clouds.

Learn how Nayatel – a leading service provider in Pakistan – partnered with Canonical to build the country's first cost-effective, enterprise-grade public cloud infrastructure on Ubuntu.

Read the case study ›

Get your OpenStack

Find the option that suits you best:

  1. Who will manage your OpenStack?

    Canonical-managed OpenStack

    We deploy OpenStack for you and manage it 24/7. This includes typical daily maintenance tasks, incident and problem resolution, recurring upgrades and more. You will rest assured that your cloud is in good hands and benefit from a public cloud-like experience.

    Order Canonical-managed OpenStack

    Learn more about Canonical-managed OpenStack ›

    Self-managed OpenStack

    You manage OpenStack yourself. We can still assist you with the design, help you make the right hardware choices, deploy OpenStack for you, provide full commercial support and get your team up to speed with professional training courses.

  2. Who will deploy your OpenStack?

    Canonical-deployed OpenStack

    We deploy OpenStack for you. Together, we find the design that suits your use case best. We will share our best practices and reference hardware specifications. We will only hand over the cloud to you once we ensure the deployment process is fully automated and repeatable.

    Order Canonical-deployed OpenStack

    Learn more about Canonical-deployed OpenStack ›

    Self-deployed OpenStack

    You deploy OpenStack yourself. You will rely on public-facing materials only, such as product documentation, whitepapers, etc. Self-deployed clouds based on MicroStack also qualify for full commercial support under any Ubuntu Pro + Support subscription.

    Deploy OpenStack yourself

    Need something else? Visit our OpenStack support page for other possible options and plans.

Total bottom-up automation

Fully automated OpenStack deployment and operations

From bare metal to cloud control plane, Charmed OpenStack uses automation everywhere.

Save time and money by moving to the only OpenStack platform on the market that uses model-driven operations.

Read how to deploy and operate OpenStack effectively ›

Extendable containers layer

Run both containers and VMs on the same platform

Extend your cloud with a Kubernetes layer running on top of it and benefit from a unified approach to both containers and legacy workloads management.

The entire stack is supported under the same subscription.

Product interoperability

Servers, SDN controllers, storage platforms and more

We partner with leading semiconductor companies, hardware vendors, network equipment providers and open source communities to ensure the best technology choices.

All of that to design the optimal architecture and ensure the best price-performance all of the time.

Read about supported options ›

100 Gbps OpenStack

For telcos, for HPC, for AI/ML

All necessary performance extensions for running NFVI/VIM and other advanced cloud architectures:

  • OVN hardware offloading
  • SR-IOV
  • DPDK
  • CPU pinning
  • NUMA topology
  • Hugepages
  • PCI passthrough

Endorsed by customers, globally

Every OpenStack version supported

Each upstream OpenStack version comes with new features that may bring measurable benefits to your business. We recognise that and provide full support for every version of OpenStack within two weeks of the upstream release. Every two years we release an LTS version of Charmed OpenStack which we support for five years.

Secure, compliant, hardened

Canonical provides up to ten years of security updates for Charmed OpenStack under the Ubuntu Pro subscription for customers who value stability above all else. The support package includes various EU and US regulatory compliance options. Additional hardening tools and benchmarks ensure the highest level of security.

Upgrades included, fully automated

OpenStack upgrades are known to be painful due to the complexity of the process. By leveraging the model-driven architecture and using OpenStack Charms for automation purposes, Charmed OpenStack can be easily upgraded between its consecutive versions. This allows you to stay up to date with the upstream features, while not putting additional pressure on your operations team.

Carrier-grade private cloud

Of all market sectors, telecommunications companies typically have the highest requirements in terms of infrastructure stability, security and resilience.

Charmed OpenStack meets those requirements.

Number 1 platform for OpenStack implementation

Number 1 platform for OpenStack implementation

According to the OpenStack User Survey 2022 results, Ubuntu Server is the most popular operating system for OpenStack implementation. Ubuntu Server powers 48% of OpenStack clouds all over the world. It has been chosen as a platform for private cloud implementation by leading companies in the telco, finance, hardware manufacturing, retail, automotive and healthcare sectors.

Compare OpenStack distros ›

According to the OpenStack User Survey 2022 results, Ubuntu Server is the most popular operating system for OpenStack implementation. Ubuntu Server powers 48% of OpenStack clouds all over the world. It has been chosen as a platform for OpenStack implementation by leading companies in the telco, finance, hardware manufacturing, retail, automotive and healthcare sectors.

Compare OpenStack distros ›

Long-term community member

Open source comes through contribution and community collaboration. Canonical is a long-term member of the OpenStack community, one of the top contributors to the OpenStack code and Gold Member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation. Together with other leaders we constantly drive the evolution of OpenStack towards new challenges.

The most popular open source cloud platform

OpenStack adoption continues to grow every year. Its combined market size worldwide is approaching $8,000,000,000. OpenStack is supported by leading industry players, and successfully used by thousands of organisations all over the world. The popularity of OpenStack comes from its better economics, stability and openness of the code.

From VMware to OpenStack

VMware costs increasing? Don't worry. Charmed OpenStack brings down the TCO of cloud infrastructure. Our team of cloud experts will help you to migrate from VMware to Charmed OpenStack and take control over your budget back.

Move from VMware to OpenStack ›

Install OpenStack yourself

Looking for the most straightforward installation instructions for OpenStacK? MicroStack allows you to install a fully functional OpenStack on your workstation in just two commands. The entire process takes around twenty minutes.

Get started with OpenStack today ›

Get in touch

Discover how we can assist you on your OpenStack migration journey. Our team of cloud experts is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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