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Canonical announcements
Canonical announcements

Ubuntu 22.04 FIPS 140-3 modules available for preview

by Henry Coggill on 7 December 2023

Canonical has been working with our testing lab partner, atsec information security, to prepare the cryptographic modules in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy...


Highlights of the Canonical AI Roadshow 2023

by Andreea Munteanu on 6 December 2023

It’s a wrap – Canonical AI Roadshow 2023 has come to an end. From Brazil to the United Arab Emirates, from Europe to the US, we’ve spent an amazing 10 weeks...

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Canonical announcements
Cloud and server

MOTL: Minis Forum N33 NUC

by Bill Wear on 30 November 2023

Cloud and server

Generative AI explained

by Hugo Huang on 29 November 2023

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