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Charmed Kubeflow now integrates with MindSpore

by Canonical on 8 November 2022

The integration allows users to leverage deep learning for AI/ML projects within the MLOps platform On 8 November 2022, at Open Source Experience Paris,...


A hands-on guide to work with MindSpore on Kubeflow

by Andreea Munteanu on 8 November 2022

Looking at the report that Gartner did in 2022 regarding top technology trends, AI engineering represents an important pillar in the near future. It is...

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How GCP pricing works

by Canonical on 3 November 2022


What to Expect at the Ubuntu Summit 2022

by Heather Ellsworth on 1 November 2022

The Ubuntu Summit 2022 timetable is now available. There are some pretty neat people coming too! Join us remotely if you cannot make it in-person.

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