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Build applications at speed with ultra-secure and supported Ubuntu containers

Experience secure, and long term supported container images built from the world's most popular cloud OS. Boost resource efficiency with ultra-small, production-ready chiselled containers.

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Easy for developers, secured by Ubuntu

Rely on Ubuntu's demonstrated history of security with containers that are:

  • Secure. Timely updates and patches, building on Ubuntu's security track record.
  • Stable. Long-term support with a consistent, predictable lifecycle and support commitment.
  • Seamless. Developer-friendly, smooth experience from development to production.
  • Small. Ultra-small, resource-efficient, yet robust images with chiselled (distroless) Ubuntu.

Explore our container offerings

Ubuntu containers are designed for modern software deployment. Our solutions, tailored to diverse needs, range from an ecosystem of base OCI images, ultra-optimised chiselled container images to our long-term supported Docker images portfolio.

Base images

Ubuntu base images provide a solid foundation for your applications, offering a stable and secure environment, built from the world’s most popular cloud operating system. Canonical provides commercial support for all Ubuntu-based container images.

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Application images

Canonical's LTS Docker images come with a long-term support and stability commitment. Pre-built and pre-configured application, runtime, and base images supported for up to 10 years with security patches.

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Chiselled Ubuntu images

The future of container images is here. Chiselled Ubuntu containers take size optimisation to a new level. Developers can keep building with Ubuntu and rely on Chisel to extract an ultra-small, bitwise identical image tailored for production. No more worries about library incompatibilities, just seamless development to deployment.

Learn about Chiselled Ubuntu ›

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