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Manage thousands of Ubuntu machines as easily as one

Landscape is the most cost-effective way to support and administer large and growing networks of desktops, servers, and clouds. Reduce your team's efforts for day-to-day Linux server management and desktop administration.

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Systems management

  • Manage desktop, server and cloud deployments
  • Up to 40,000 machines with a single instance
  • Create custom profiles for managing different machine classes
  • Easily install, update and remove software
  • Define policies for automated updates and security patches
  • Configure users and groups

Monitor your machines at scale

  • Set alerts for updates on specific machines
  • Graph trends of temperature, disk, memory usage and system load
  • List all processes running on a machine and remotely kill rogue processes
  • Build your own graphs with custom metrics

Maintain security and compliance

  • Patch compliance – keep systems secure and up to date
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Automated audit logging and compliance reporting
  • Regulatory compliance is significantly simplified with custom reporting

Control your inventory

  • Quickly track full software package information for all registered machines
  • Gather asset information in real time
  • Create dynamic search groups to perform operations on categories of machines
  • Easily access any machine property

Package repository management

  • Mirror and stage internal or external APT repositories
  • Upload and manage custom packages

Integrate Landscape with your current systems

  • Scriptable API to customise Landscape for your organisation's needs
  • Integrate with your current configuration management, monitoring and ticketing systems

Deploy, monitor and manage your Ubuntu systems

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