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Migrate .NET to
chiselled Ubuntu containers

Reliable and secure .NET applications with Ubuntu containers. Reduce memory footprint, lower subscription and network costs, and get faster start-up times. Open source and backed by Canonical security, stability, and quality assurance.

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Better memory usage


Better response time


Fewer resources


Less costs

Data is based on migration from servers to containers
and from Windows to Ubuntu with chiselled Ubuntu.

What is chiselled Ubuntu

Chiselled Ubuntu is inspired by the Distroless concept - providing ultra-small OCI images with only your application and its runtime dependencies, and no other operating system-level packages or libraries. This makes them lightweight, secure, and efficient.

There’s an infinite number of slices of the Ubuntu distribution. You can chisel Ubuntu for your exact needs, or rely on our set of pre-built chiselled Ubuntu runtime images.

In August 2022, we released the first set of pre-built chiselled Ubuntu runtime images for the .NET ecosystem in collaboration with Microsoft.

Why choose chiselled Ubuntu

Chiselled Ubuntu images are made using Canonical’s regular high-quality components and are updated within the same release cycle and with the same support guarantees.

Ultra-small image size

Reduces the attack surface of chiselled Ubuntu images, so they’re less vulnerable, need fewer security updates, and your users have less downtime.

No package manager and no shell

Meaning, no apt or bash in the final image removes entire classes of attack, fully disarming potential attackers.

Faster transfer times

Means applications are always up-to-date and ready to handle the increased traffic and workload.

Lower costs by up to 50%

Use chiselled Ubuntu to lower costs when you migrate from Windows to Ubuntu and Azure. Find out how chiselled Ubuntu can support your migration from servers to containers.

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Peace of mind with
Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro offers an end-to-end capability from development workstation, applications and toolchains through to production-ready, secure-by-design ultra-small supported container images, starting with the .NET platform and with full support, security and uptime guaranteed by Canonical.

Get Ubuntu Pro

Full security

Since its inception in 2004, Ubuntu has been built on a foundation of enterprise-grade, industry-leading security practices. With Ubuntu Pro, we offer peace-of-mind with full security coverage.

Reduce your average CVE exposure time from 98 days to one with expanded CVE patching and 10years of security maintenance.

Full stack

Open source your full stack with confidence, from the data centre to the cloud, from containers to the database, taking in LMA, server, and cloud-native applications along the way, all with support from Canonical.

The support services ensure a seamless open source experience from development to production.

Bug fixing and

Managing your containers can be tiring and daunting. Our experts offer support for bug fixes and troubleshooting to help you every step of the way.

At Canonical, we offer direct 24/7 access to a world-class, enterprise open-source support team by phone, online, or with our knowledge base.

Proven success with
chiselled Ubuntu

Chiselled Ubuntu and .NET reduced 100MB off the official .NET containers, with base images for self-contained .NET applications weighing in at less than 6MB compressed. This achievement rivals Alpine, Busybox, and Distroless images while offering a rich-to-lean, seamless development-to-production experience.

Experiments with Microsoft's ASP.NET demo eShop application revealed a 20% improvement in memory usage and startup time when using chiselled Ubuntu.

For .NET developers: start your Linux journey
with Ubuntu containers

Chiselled Ubuntu containers for .NET and ASP.NET runtime are now available on Arm-based platforms, offering precision-engineered, production-aimed containers to the Arm community.

  • Timely security patches
  • Latest and long-term supported releases
  • Development environment that mimics production

Shipping only the binaries needed to run .NET applications means a smaller attack surface and lets you focus your added value: layering on your world-class applications and shipping to any platform.

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