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The Ubuntu Community


We are an international community with a mission to bring free software to the widest possible audience. Our name “Ubuntu” means “humanity towards others”. We embody this by welcoming anyone in our community and sharing our work freely. With millions of users and thousands of contributors all over the world, we help shape the future of computing.

Welcome! Whether you’re an (aspiring) artist, writer, software developer, or systems administrator, there are lots of ways to get involved! We would be thrilled to have a chat and guide you through this beautiful and inspiring community.


There are many ways you can participate in the Ubuntu community. If you can think of it, it might just be what we need. You can choose the level and interests that works for you.

Our project is large and diverse just like the community that empowers it. We rely on individuals with different skills, both technical and non, to build Ubuntu and its many components. We invite you to help shape Ubuntu to better meet your needs. Discover the many ways that you can contribute to Ubuntu.

Learn more

To better understand how our large umbrella of communities operates, take a look at these resources.

Get help

Are you instead stuck and need help? Take a look at how our community can support you.


Take a look at our Ubuntu Summit 2022 Aftermovie to get a sense of the atmosphere of our community.

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