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Contribute to Translation and Localisation

Ubuntu is a global project and therefore it’s important that it’s available in many languages. If you’re fluent in multiple languages and want to help open up the world of Ubuntu to people all over the globe, consider becoming a community translator.

Translating with Launchpad

Using Launchpad, you can translate free software projects and distribution packages into your own language. All you need is a Launchpad account and a web browser. There’s no special software and in most cases you don’t need to join a team to get started.

Get started by reading the Translation Quickstart Guide.

Join a Translation Team

Once you understand the translation process and want to further your involvement, you can join a Translation Team. These groups of volunteers work together to help localise Ubuntu for their respective languages. Each team has its own set of goals, rules and processes that you will need to follow if you choose to join.

Find a Translation Team for your language.

Translation and Localisation IRC Channels

#ubuntu-translators IRC Channel

Translation and Localisation Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Translators Mailing List

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