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Contribute to Art and Design

From its trademark circle of friends logo, distinct colour scheme and immediately recognizable font, Ubuntu has long had an iconic look in the open source world. Members of the community who share a passion for art and design have a number of outlets to demonstrate their abilities.

Guidelines and Branding

Canonical publishes Official Ubuntu Brand Guidelines that details our brand values and establishes proper usage when using Ubuntu or other Canonical affiliated branding. For those looking to use our logos or contribute to our design, it’s important to understand these principles.
Discover the design philosophy behind Ubuntu

Community Wallpaper Competition

The amazing backgrounds in Ubuntu are products of the community. Prior to every new release, the community team hosts a wallpaper contest where artists, photographers or anyone feeling artsy can submit their works with the top vote earners getting included in the next release of Ubuntu.
View current and past competitions on the Ubuntu Discourse

Flavour Art Contributions

Ubuntu Flavours often have their own distinctive style and rely on volunteers to help design their art assets. Getting involved with flavour art design is a great way to connect with the greater Ubuntu ecosystem and share your artistic skills with the entire community.
Explore the Official Ubuntu Flavours

Art and Design IRC Channels

#ubuntu-artwork IRC Channel

Art and Design Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Artwork Mailing List

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