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Contribute to Documentation

Good software requires great documentation and Ubuntu is always looking for community members willing to lend their writing skills to the project. Community documentation, like the page you’re reading right now, is the product of a collaborative effort between Canonical and Ubuntu community members.

Documentation Practice

At Canonical, we have embarked on a comprehensive, long-term project to transform documentation. Our aim is to create and maintain documentation product and practice that will represent a standard of excellence. We want documentation to be the best it possibly can be.

Improve your own documentation practice in our Open Documentation Academy.

Discourse Documentation

A lot of projects under our umbrella use Discourse for creating and editing documentation. This very page has a corresponding post on Discourse. You can see it by clicking “Help improve this document in the forum” at the bottom of the page. You can help improve our documentation by leaving a comment on the forum post. If you’re already active in that community’s forum, you can even edit the documentation directly!

Join in the effort to improve Ubuntu Documentation.

Community Help Wiki

The Community Help Wiki is a user created and maintained library of Ubuntu related documentation. A great way to help the Ubuntu Community is to ensure that this documentation is current and accurate. If there is missing documentation, you can also consider writing all new content.

Support the community by becoming an Ubuntu Help Wiki editor.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter (UWN) is a community operated periodical that focuses on Ubuntu related news and events. UWN has been producing content since 2006 and serves as a great example of community cooperation and collaboration. Volunteers can help our community by becoming a writer, editor or link collector.

Get the word out by joining the Ubuntu News Team

Documentation Matrix rooms room on Matrix.

Getting started with Matrix

Documentation IRC Channels

#ubuntu-doc IRC Channel

Documentation Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Documentation Mailing List

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