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How-to complete your Matrix setup

If you are reading this guide, you most likely completed the “Getting started with Matrix” tutorial. This document explains the next steps to complete your Matrix setup. While these steps are not required, they are greatly recommended because they will make your long-term experience a lot better.

Backup your encryption keys

Make sure your encryption keys are backed up. Without encryption keys backups, you might not be able to restore your end-to-end encrypted chats if you log off all your devices.

Secure backup

  • Open your Element client, click your avatar icon at the top left, and select “:lock: Security & Privacy”.
  • Check the “Secure backup” section and select “setup”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to generate your unique security key.
  • Store your unique security key in a safe place.
  • Make sure that “Secure backup” reports: “:white_check_mark: This session is backing up your keys.”


Optionally, you can also manually export your end-to-end room keys.

  • Navigate to the “Cryptography” section of the “Security & Privacy” settings.
  • Select “Export E2E room keys”
  • Read the instructions carefully, and enter a passphrase to protect your manual E2E room keys.
  • Download the export file and store it in a safe place.

Advertise your Matrix ID

To make sure people know how to reach you, it’s best to advertise your Matrix ID in a prominent place. Launchpad now has the option to advertise your Matrix ID on your profile. Edit it on


Make sure to always write the full matrix ID, including the homeserver, in the form @<username>:<homeserver>. Just specifying your username is not enough, because different people can have the same username on different homeservers.

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