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Managed Landscape

Software as a service convenience,
in an environment you control

Manage machines at scale without worrying about tooling.
Let Canonical handle Landscape's installation, patching, scaling and maintenance.

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We take care
of the installation
and maintenance

Up to 99.9% uptime

Backed by an SLA.


Active management and break/fix response by Canonical engineers.


Fault-tolerant and ready for real-world challenges.

Why Managed Landscape

Any-cloud ready

Managed Landscape can be deployed in high availability across multiple machines, anywhere. Whether you are running your workloads across multiple clouds or a hybrid cloud with your own infrastructure, Managed Landscape can easily provide a scalable and reliable service to maintain your Ubuntu environment.

Bring your own
identity and access management platform

Landscape supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) to authenticate users, and integrates enterprise identity providers like Azure AD, Google, Okta, IBM, and more.

Mirror Ubuntu repositories,
and distribute software internally

Landscape simplifies the task of scheduling software updates, and provides a mirroring mechanism to deliver software updates at scale, over your local network (LAN).

Organisations developing proprietary software on Ubuntu benefit from Managed Landscape's support for private repositories.

Pricing that is clear and transparent

Our Field Engineering team can recommend the number and type of machines your Managed Landscape deployment would need.

Get started with a free quote and architecture assessment

Per Landscape virtual machine/year Per Landscape physical machine/year
Managed Landscape on public clouds, VMware, OpenStack or LXD $3,099 $6,861
Managed Landscape on bare metal N/A $9,470

Got questions?

Landscape's API can bridge any requirements our dashboard may not natively address.

Contact us about your unique requirements