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App-centric industry 4.0

Workload consolidation and micro clouds for the factory of the future

Rated 'Excellent' for industrial edge cloud platforms in the PAC Radar analyst report

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Building our new ctrlX AUTOMATION with Ubuntu Core has enabled us to create a software-driven industrial manufacturing solution.

Hans-Michael Krause, Director Product Management PLC and IoT, Bosch Rexroth.

Empowering industry 4.0 champions

Press release

Bosch Rexroth’s CtrlX automation platform, built on Ubuntu Core, reduces engineering costs by 30% to 50%.

Bosch Rexroth adopts Ubuntu ›

Case study

Ubuntu Core makes the Dell Edge Gateways ultra reliable in challenging industrial settings with transactional software updates.

Dell gateway launches with Ubuntu ›

Case study

Ubuntu Core hardens Rigado’s IoT gateways with cryptography-enhanced capabilities like secure boot and full disk encryption.

Rigado IoT gateway deploys with Ubuntu ›

Connected OT

Harness data to supercharge shop floor productivity

  • Build smart industrial gateways with open source
  • Real-time Linux support
  • Connect your factory to the public clouds
  • Deploy industrial apps on your machines
  • Implement bespoke device fleet management
  • App stores including OPC-UA, Modbus, MQTT clients and more

Learn more ›

Industrial micro clouds

Cloud-native edge clusters for on premise intelligence

  • Bring 5G networks and edge clouds to production
  • Deploy AI/ML solutions in industrial settings
  • Get latest versions and security fixes with over-the-air updates
  • Offload IT infrastructure management to our experts
  • Contract long term support services for mission critical software

Learn more ›

Shop floor cobots

Speed, precision and quality

  • Assure robots security over the long term
  • Benefit from a managed cloud infrastructure for robots-as-a-service
  • Boost developer productivity on ROS
  • Leverage cutting-edge accelerated computer vision libraries
  • Run deep learning inference engines, natively or in containers

Learn more ›

Exciting HMIs and POS

Fast, fluid and designer-friendly

  • Implement robust digital signage and kiosk solutions
  • Upgrade your terminals securely, with reliable OTA updates
  • Benefit from a rich hardware and software ecosystem
  • Millions of smart displays already deployed on Ubuntu
  • Create rich graphical interfaces with Qt and Flutter

Learn more ›

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Where the journey starts

IoT Professional Services

Bring your IoT devices to market in no time with our IoT Professional Services. Focus on your apps, we handle the rest.

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IoT app stores

Get a private app store for your industrial devices. We handle cloud hosting and manage infrastructure on your behalf.

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Ubuntu Server

Loved by developers and endorsed by sysadmins, Ubuntu Server is the starting point for technology innovation. Use the biggest open source software repository to build software-defined industrial assets.

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Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is an ultra-secure embedded Ubuntu, optimised for mission critical IoT appliances. Benefit from OTA software updates and security maintenance for 10 years.

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Canonical’s commitment to ten years of support empowers us to commercialise business critical devices with the assurances our customers expect.



Intel and Canonical partner to accelerate OEM readiness to meet growing demands for optimised sector-specific embedded solutions on Ubuntu Core, with long-term support and maintenance guaranteed.

John Healey
VP in the Internet of Things Group and GM of Platform Management and Customer Engineering.

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