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Open digital platforms for the industrial edge cloud in 2020

The next wave of cloud-native innovations at the edge

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Over the last 24 months, IoT technology and edge computing have become core elements of the factory floor. However, the first wave of industrial digitalisation projects has shown that there is no “killer app” for transforming factory efficiency. Rather, success lies with step-by-step improvements made possible through agile and efficient DevOps. Open digital platforms are critical to enabling this kind of agility, but how can companies choose the right platform provider for their digital factory requirements?

The PAC RADAR by teknowlogy | PAC offers a detailed market analysis of digital platforms for the industrial edge cloud. This report represents a resource for companies looking to elevate their digital factory strategies and consider Kubernetes at the edge for managing and scaling applications.

Read the report to learn:

  • Why Canonical was rated ‘Excellent’ for industrial edge cloud through the strength of Charmed Kubernetes, MicroK8s and Ubuntu Core
  • The key technology trends affecting digital factories
  • Why an open source approach is important for innovation speed, developer ecosystems and avoiding vendor lock-in.
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