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Ubuntu case studies, whitepapers and webinars.


Cutting the cost and complexity of cloud

GSIs can deploy and manage the most innovative and easy to use technology on the market without sacrificing security, stability, or incurring unnecessary costs.

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case study

Firmus builds a supercloud with Canonical

Cloud sustainability redefined with ultra-efficient data centre powered by grid connected renewable energy

charmed kubernetes, charmed openstack, firmus, datacenter, multicloud
case study

Umony transforms communications compliance

Learn how Anbox Cloud enables Umony to deliver its software through an app on any phone, web browser, or desktop

anbox cloud, anbox, android cloud, umony, finserv

OpenStack Yoga: What’s new?

Learn about the latest release of OpenStack

openstack, yoga, charms, smartnic, openinfra, private cloud, cloud, infrastructure, webinar

OpenStack made easy for GSIs

Easily build a modern, scalable, repeatable and affordable cloud infrastructure.

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Introduction to Bare Metal Cloud

Build your own bare metal cloud in a box with Kubernetes

bare metal, maas, charmed kubernetes, kubernetes, bare metal cloud

Report gratuito sui prezzi del cloud 2021

Ottieni il report per confrontare i prezzi del cloud tra le principali piattaforme cloud pubbliche e private, tra cui AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare e OpenStack

openstack, cloud, pricing

Deliver your software with Kubernetes

MicroK8s for streamlined application container deployment

Container deployment, isv kubernetes, containerization, cloud containers, container deployments, embedded containers

Ubuntu on WSL

An FAQ for Data Scientists and Developers

ubuntu, wsl, faq

Ubuntu Pro em Azure

Explore recursos como segurança estendida, conformidade certificada e proteção para Ubuntu Pro em Azure.

Managed Apps, cloud, pro

Ubunto Pro en Azure

Explora características como seguridad extendida, cumplimiento certificado y refuerzo para Ubuntu Pro en Azure.

Managed Apps, cloud, pro

Ceph for Enterprise

The best open-source enterprise storage solution

ceph, managed services

Ceph in the modern data center

Manage exponential data growth with Canonical Charmed Ceph and Dell PowerEdge Servers

ceph, storage, poweredge

Managed IT Services

How to build a strategic IT model that drives innovation while cutting down operational costs


It’s like a jungle out there

Learn strategies to help you navigate the fast changing modern business landscape - cloud and SaaS, agile and outsourcing

webinar , Managed Apps

Cloud pricing report 2021

Get the report to compare cloud pricing across leading public and private cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google, VMWare and OpenStack


Ubuntu Pro on Azure

Explore features like extended security, certified compliance and hardening for Ubuntu Pro on Azure.

ubuntu pro, microsoft, azure, cloud, security, latam

ROS Support

Security maintenance and enterprise support for your ROS environment


Data Lab Architectures

A field practitioner guide to building and accelerating data lab initiatives

big data, data driven, AI, ML

Infrastruttura multi-cloud in Italia

L’evento, della durata di 2 ore, si terrà il 12 maggio 2021 su BrightTalk. Dai live talk dei nostri speaker alle sessioni di Q&A.

multi-cloud, kubernetes

Data Science Workstations

Take a deep dive into how workstations enable the AI journey in part 2 of our series


The Value of Open Source in 2021

Explore the latest open source market trends and dive into OpenStack, Kubernetes and Edge solutions from Dell and Canonical.

Open Source, Kubernetes, Dell, OpenStack, Edge

Elkhart Lake

Embedded silicon from Intel focusing on IoT features for the next generation of edge devices.

intel, iot

Securing open source from cloud to edge

Get the full Ubuntu security story and see how our teams are securing Ubuntu systems across cloud, device and edge environments.

security, ubuntu pro

Open source in Government

The Public Sector team discusses adoption and procurement of secure open source tech, tooling and support.


Workstations AI

Come e perché Kubeflow migliora i workflow AI


Micro clouds

Building your Kubernetes edge computing strategy


Ubuntu 20.10: What’s new?

Learn about new features in Ubuntu Server, MAAS, Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes

ubuntu server, maas, kubernetes
case study

GMO Pepabo & Ubuntu

GMO Pepabo cuts OPEX costs with live kernel patching and saves 2,500 hours of manual work

server, kubernetes,ubuntu-advantage

Da VMware a OpenStack

Come la migrazione a Charmed OpenStack può ridurre significativamente il TCO


Kubernetes from Cloud to Edge

How to streamline your Kubernetes deployment and operations from Canonical’s experts.

kubernetes, cloud, edge

Virtual event: MicroK8s & Kubernetes

Join our virtual event to learn more about MicroK8s, what it is and why you should use it. This event will also include discussions on Kubernetes, an introduction to Canonical and much more!


What’s new in Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 includes enhanced K8s capabilities for edge and AI/ML, OpenStack Train live-migration extensions for easier infrastructure deployments and more.


Private cloud security

Meeting the highest levels of enterprise requirements with OpenStack

openstack, security

What’s new in Ubuntu 19.04?

Join Canonical Product Director Stephan Fabel and Ubuntu Product Managers to discuss everything new in Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’

openstack, kubernetes, ceph, iot, desktop

Modernise your cloud

Discover how Trilio and Canonical help organisations transition to new, maintainable cloud architecture in just weeks.


What’s New in Ubuntu 18.10

Canonical product managers discuss the new Ubuntu 18.10 release features in this on-demand webinar

desktop, server

Canonical presents Financial Services Month

Filmed at the London Stock exchange with representatives from Canonical, 451 Research, IBM, and a former Deutsche Bank storage CTO, Canonical took a deep dive look in to the rise of multi-cloud in the financial services industry.

finance, ai, ml cloud