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Ubuntu case studies, whitepapers and webinars.


From VMware to the future

Gain another decade of stability with an open source cloud infrastructure

vmware, openstack, microcloud, hybrid cloud, multi cloud

Guide to Managed AI Infrastructure

Discover how managed AI infrastructure can accelerate deployments and increase security in our latest executive guide

Managed, AI

Guide to deploying AI at the edge with open source

Drivers, challenges, use cases and best practices for edge AI

ai/ml, aiml, open source, MLOps, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Ubuntu Core, edge computing, microcloud, Kubeflow, snaps

Build and scale your AI projects

Start on Ubuntu, deploy from cloud to edge with Canonical and NVIDIA

kubeflow, AI, machine learning, NVIDIA, EGX, MicroK8s, DGX, Jetson, MLOps, GPU

Introduction to MicroCloud

Join us on April 16th to learn more about MicroCloud - a low-touch open source cloud for all


AI on public cloud with open source

Learn why you should use open source tooling for your AI projects on the public cloud

Data science, MLOps, AI/ML, AI/ML infrastructure, Analytics

Edge Computing Use Cases

Explore edge computing use cases across industries such as the automotive, telecom, retail, industrial, agriculture, and energy sectors in our latest whitepaper.

microcloud, edge

Managed AI infrastructure

Discover how managed AI infrastructure accelerates deployments and increases security in our webinar. Join us on March 6th at 3:15 pm CET.

managed, ai

AI storage with Ceph

Discover how AI impacts your storage systems and what it means for your business

ceph, storage, AI, ML

A guide to Infrastructure Hardening

Best practices to improve the security posture of your Linux-based infrastructure deployments

Cybersecurity, system hardening, CIS

Secure your stack with Ubuntu

An enterprise-ready OS to manage CVEs, simplify patching and meet compliance needs

ubuntu pro, hardening, linux security, secure open source

A CTO’s guide to real-time Linux

Understanding real-time systems, their use cases and inner workings

Industrial, real-time Linux, real-time Ubuntu, real-time