IoT gateways on Ubuntu

From industrial automation and building control to transportation and healthcare, gateways connect sensors and actuators to clouds while providing edge analytics and intelligence. Offload decision making to the gateway to ensure continuity and low-latency, and reduce the cost of backhaul for low-value data.

Ubuntu Core offers a secure, reliable and remotely upgradeable platform for intelligent edge devices.

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As companies continue to embrace Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, security and quick, easy system updates are critical

Jason Shepherd, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, IoT, Dell.

IoT gateway partners on Ubuntu Core

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  • Cost effective

    Multiple applications can run on the same hardware, with strict app confinement. Replace three devices controlling light, AC and power with a single more flexible device.

  • Secure and reliable

    Transactional updates guarantee failsafe upgrades making sure your equipment stays secure. Regular and reliable updates ensure healthy ecosystems and regulatory compliance.

  • Multi-protocol support

    Use any of the libraries and code available for Ubuntu. Build the apps you need for your edge gateways, with Modbus, CAN, Zigbee, COAP or in the cloud MQTT, AMQP.

  • Edge intelligence

    From video surveillance to neural networks, Ubuntu Core enables complex operations at the edge of the network. Use apps on gateways for lower latency, saving you the cost of network and cloud storage.

  • Diverse hardware

    From ARM to Intel, there is a board that suits your next device. Prototype quickly, then go straight to production with standard reference modules and a standard Linux platform.

  • Easy integration

    It’s easy and fast to create and distribute applications for edge gateways. Ubuntu Core devices come with an app store and update mechanism included.

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Enterprise peace of mind

Canonical works with OEMs to deliver Ubuntu certified Edge Gateways. You can be sure Ubuntu Core will run out of the box with all the tools you require to manage and deploy software across all your devices.

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Simple development and distribution for ISVs and SIs

Independent software vendors and system integrators develop with the familiar environment and use the wealth of libraries available in Ubuntu. With Ubuntu Core you can easily manage the software you distribute. Use the Ubuntu Store to reach new customers.

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