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Build the future with smart cities

Enhance transport, utilities and infrastructure with IoT

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Smart city solutions

A software-defined future

The smart city sector is bringing innovation and automation to urban areas globally. From real-time to air-gap, new solutions emerge every day to address unique challenges.

The scale is vast, from digital signage to self-driving cars. The possibilities in a smart city are truly limitless.

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Secure distributed devices

Ubiquitous IoT, strong security

Regardless of the smart city solution you are building, ensure you have the tools in place to guarantee a secure software environment.

Ubuntu Core is an operating system, fully containterised and designed for IoT. Ubuntu Core offers secure boot, full disk encryption and signed software packages, guaranteeing system integrity. Snap confinement keeps your apps separated and controls access to hardware.

Curate your IoT App Store from global suppliers, with constant application security scanning and updates.

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IoT OTA updates

Compressed, transactional, signed and secure

Update any system, any device, any time. Future-proof your fleet with automatic, over-the-air updates.

With Ubuntu Core, full OS containerisation means transactional, atomic updates, signed software integrity, compressed delta updates and more.

Complete control. No delayed patches, no partial updates. If for any reason an update fails, the device will roll back to its last stable state automatically.

OTA updates for Ubuntu Core ›

Hardware you can trust

ARM and X86

We optimise Ubuntu for major silicon architectures.

Explore device enablement and certification to guarantee the device you choose will work flawlessly.

Develop on Ubuntu today and pick your platform later.

Learn more about Hardware Certification ›

Top-rated extended security

Long term support

We power innovation and production.

Get ten year CVE security maintenance, plus the most comprehensive container confinement and kernel livepatch for rapid rollouts in critical situations.

Count on Canonical for security coverage, automated testing, continuous deployment and progressive releases.

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How Canonical is making an impact

Accelerate data science

Deep learning

From self-driving to diagnostics and data analysis, Ubuntu is at the heart of some of the largest analytics operations.

Enjoy the freedom to use frameworks, languages, libraries and solutions, from the widest range of companies and clouds.

Run it on bare metal or public cloud. From Spark and Hadoop to Kubeflow. Better ML. Faster results.

Learn more about AI on Ubuntu ›

Straightforward compliance

Open source licensing

Confidently integrate open source components into your proprietary solutions.

Benefit from source identification for all software components, all the time.

Simplify compliance. Streamline certification. Protect innovation.

Learn more about Compliance in Ubuntu ›

Staying compliant while delivering innovation in government services ›

Let’s work together

We work closely with our customers to solve complex problems together. Our talented engineers are experts in IoT and are well-qualified to provide expertise and guidance to both smaller businesses and larger enterprises.

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A small footprint and full OpenGL make Ubuntu Core the perfect platform for secure digital signs.

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Rich networking and comms make Ubuntu the perfect choice for your industrial gateways.

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Reinvent the automobile with Ubuntu, designed for critical embedded systems.

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Build secure SmartNICs and operate them at scale on Ubuntu.

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