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Accelerating IoT device time to market

Introducing a packaged solution to condense IoT decision-making into a 2-week, fixed cost process

The IoT market has immense potential: industry analysts 451 Research report that the IoT market opportunity will reach $648bn by 2024, and it is set to reach $1tn within the decade. But succeeding in the IoT arena is not without its challenges. Slow or rushed decision making, alongside mismanagement of resources and talent, frequently cause IoT projects to stall.

This is why Canonical has introduced SMART START — a packaged IoT solution that reduces business and technical decision-making into a 2-week, fixed-cost process. SMART START fast tracks an enterprise’s IoT strategy by guiding it through hardware selection and delivering the infrastructure needed to develop and deploy software to fleets of devices, with consulting

services to minimise risk and fill skill gaps.

This whitepaper draws findings from more than 30 case studies, project summaries, and business cases to identify the central IoT pitfalls and their solutions. Read the whitepaper to learn about:

  • The three most significant challenges in bringing IoT devices to market: hardware decision making, infrastructure complexity, and risk management.
  • Practical steps enterprises can take to overcome these challenges.
  • How SMART START drastically simplifies the process, driving down costs and accelerating time to market.
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