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Edge infrastructure implementation the open source way

CIO’s guide to designing a successful edge strategy

Implementing an edge strategy entails a number of challenges to all types of organisations. Building an infrastructure consisting of thousands of edge sites can be expensive. Moreover, those distributed edge sites need to be maintained on a daily basis post-deployment. Not to mention additional efforts spent on workload orchestration and ensuring integration with other infrastructure components.

This whitepaper addresses those challenges, providing a technical guide to designing a successful edge strategy. We detail the implementation of edge infrastructure the open-source way. Furthermore, the whitepaper provides a brief overview of some typical edge use cases. By conducting in-depth analysis and presenting architectural diagrams, we demonstrate how open-source components power an edge infrastructure stack capable of handling these use cases and workloads effectively.

What can I learn from this whitepaper?

  • What are typical challenges with edge infrastructure implementation?
  • What does an open-source infrastructure stack look like?
  • How to design an edge infrastructure, from Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) through private mobile networks to IoT gateways, the open-source way?
  • What are the benefits of using open-source solutions for the purpose of edge infrastructure implementation?
  • How to ensure enterprise-class services when using open source?
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