Ubuntu certified hardware

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Ubuntu certified hardware has passed our extensive testing and review process, ensuring that Ubuntu runs well out of the box, ready for your organisation. We work closely with OEMs to jointly make Ubuntu available on a wide range of desktops, laptops, servers, IoT, and SoC hardware.

Ubuntu certified desktops

Many of the world's biggest PC manufacturers certify their desktops for Ubuntu, ensuring it always runs as smoothly as its millions of users expect. Ubuntu is fast, reliable, packed with great software and free of viruses. That’s why you’ll find Ubuntu preloaded on desktops across government, education and enterprise, and in homes around the world.


Certified for Ubuntu:

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Ubuntu certified laptops

Just like desktops, manufacturers choose to certify their laptops for Ubuntu, ensuring it works just like you would expect.


Certified for Ubuntu:

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Ubuntu certified servers

Using Ubuntu Server speeds up the ability to deploy physical infrastructure on bare metal as it is in the cloud.

Deploying on certified servers saves you time in choosing and testing what hardware you will use from a single server instance to the largest scale-out data-center environments.

Certified for Ubuntu:

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Ubuntu certified IoT devices

A number of IoT vendors rely on Ubuntu for their devices, from drones and robots to edge gateways and development boards. They certify their devices to offer users the guarantee of a stable, secure and optimised Ubuntu, either pre-loaded or as build your own option.

Canonical's certification program offers you the peace of mind that all your Internet of Things devices will remain secure and regularly updated.


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Ubuntu certified SoCs

Low-power small-footprint System on a Chip (SoC) hardware are re-defining the future of sustainable data centers. Ubuntu Core delivers bullet-proof security, reliable updates and access to a rich ecosystem on 32 and 64-bit ARM and X86 platforms, perfect to power the Internet of Things.

Canonical's certification program offers server manufacturers a selection of SoCs officially supported and maintained in Ubuntu to choose from for their products from servers to IoT.


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Tech support for certified systems

Ubuntu Advantage is the professional support package from Canonical, with more support for certified hardware.

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Work with us to test that your hardware works fine with Ubuntu and join the OEM market leaders in the list of Ubuntu Certified hardware.

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