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Canonical Credentials

Learn, excel, certify!

Find the shortest path to your passion. Develop and certify your skills on the world's most popular Linux OS.

Sign-ups for the CUE.01: Linux beta are now closed. Please check back for future announcements and beta opportunities.

Why certify?

Ubuntu is the world's most popular open source OS for both development and deployment, from the data centre to the cloud to the Internet of things. So whether you are trying to pave your way into the tech field, or looking to upgrade your career or prove your skills, Canonical Credentials is here for you!

This program is designed to help you demonstrate your expertise to countless enterprise organisations who are more likely than not using Ubuntu software today.

Canonical Ubuntu Essentials badge

What's included?

Validate your knowledge

Challenge yourself, expand your skill set, and test your knowledge. The official Canonical Ubuntu badges will certify your knowledge and recognise you as an industry expert.

Real-life hands-on testing

Exam questions simulate a real life problem or task that can be part of the day to day of a professional working in an Ubuntu environment. Real-world environments provide a familiar setting to showcase your problem-solving skills.

Intelligently designed to suit your schedule

Your career path: now with stepping stones! Our modular program features simple, laser-focused building blocks, or QuickCerts (QC) to help you take the exams most relevant to you while simultaneously earning badges toward more advanced credential tracks. Earn the badges you need without spending time and energy you don’t have.

The future is almost here...

Help establish the certification programme today and be at the forefront of the programme of tomorrow. Be the first to hear about upcoming exams and new credentials in the upcoming year!

Complete Canonical Ubuntu Essentials Syllabus

CUE.01: Linux QuickCert

Prove your basic operational knowledge of Linux by demonstrating your ability to secure, operate and maintain basic system resources. Topics include user and group management, file and filesystem navigation, and logs and installation tasks related to system maintenance.

Syllabus ›

CUE.02: Desktop QuickCert

Demonstrate your knowledge of Ubuntu Desktop administrative essentials. Topics include package management, system installation, data gathering, and managing printing and displays.

Syllabus ›

CUE.03: Server QuickCert

Illustrate your knowledge of common Ubuntu Server administrative tasks and troubleshooting. Topics include job control, performance tuning, services management, and Bash scripting.

Syllabus ›