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Self-study resources

The links on this page lead to documentation and tutorials about topics relevant to Canonical certification.

Although they do not constitute an exhaustive list of the subjects covered by Canonical certifications, they provide a good starting point for your studies. Use them to familiarise yourself with key concepts, or to refresh your existing knowledge.

General resources

There are a number of instructional resources available, both community- and Canonical-made, that contain a wealth of useful information. The following links lead to Canonical’s official educational resources.

CUE.01 Linux

Before embarking on the CUE Linux exam, it would be helpful to be familiar with the topics covered by the following resources.



CUE.03 Server

The following resources are recommended for prospective CUE Server candidates.



The Server documentation covers a wide array of relevant topics. They are worth reading in their entirety, but the following sections may prove especially useful:

Additional resources can be found on the Community Wiki. We recommend looking at System Administration, in particular: