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Ubuntu Certified programmes

Ubuntu hardware
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Hardware certification

Participating in the Hardware Certification programme ensures that every user of your solution gets the best Ubuntu experience. Canonical provides a rigorous set of certification tests and continuous regression testing on a certified device throughout the Ubuntu release life cycle, offering up to 10 years of support and security updates.

Certify your hardware

Advantages of certifying hardware with Canonical

Ubuntu Certified hardware is your top choice for differentiation, reliability, security, and product visibility.

  • Sell more

    Right out of the box, Ubuntu improves your customer's experience and reduces their time to market.

    Partner with Ubuntu, the OS that your customers trust.

    Reduce marketing costs with joint go to market strategies with Canonical.

  • Reliable

    Gain peace of mind with the extensive, continuous testing in our automated test labs.

    Secure the life of your certified devices long term with security updates for 10 years with an Ubuntu Pro subscription.

  • Cost effective

    A robust, cost-effective, and long-term software enablement strategy for your hardware devices.

Different devices


Ubuntu Server and Canonical's tools give you the ability to deploy your workloads as easily and repeatably on bare metal as if they were in the cloud.

Deploying on Ubuntu Certified servers saves you time in choosing and testing what hardware you will use, from a single server instance to the largest scale-out data centre environments.

Explore certified servers


Many of the world's biggest PC manufacturers certify their desktops and laptops for Ubuntu, ensuring these systems always run as smoothly as their millions of users expect. Ubuntu is fast, reliable, packed with great software and free of viruses. That's why you'll find Ubuntu preloaded on desktops across government, education, enterprise and in homes around the world.

Explore certified desktops


A number of IoT vendors rely on Ubuntu for their devices, from drones and robots to edge gateways and development boards. They certify their devices to offer users the guarantee of a stable, secure, and optimised Ubuntu, either pre-loaded or as a build-your-own option.

Canonical's certification programme offers you peace of mind: all your Internet of Things devices will remain secure and regularly updated.

Explore certified IoT


Just like desktops, manufacturers choose to certify their laptops for Ubuntu, ensuring they work beautifully and reliably, just as you would expect.

Explore certified Laptops


Low-power small-footprint System on a Chip (SoC) hardware is redefining the future of sustainable data centres.

Explore certified SoC

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Becoming Ubuntu Certified is your top choice for differentiation, reliability, and product visibility. Our certification programme increases customer confidence that your products integrate seamlessly with Ubuntu.

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