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Cybersecurity and Compliance with Ubuntu

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Cybersecurity’s state of affairs today can be described as too complex. The average IT team faces an enormous number of threats, ranging from “social engineering” attacks to the exploitation of obscure software vulnerabilities. At the same time, the result of data breaches can be severe: operations were disrupted in a pipeline company, while a telecommunications company hack exposed the private data of 50 million customers. Regulators and customers expect more, and sectors that manage critical infrastructure such as healthcare, banking, digital infrastructure and services, water supply, energy, and several others are held to high security standards. The EU’s NIS2 directive, or the US’ executive order on cybersecurity demonstrate that the direction is clear. Critical infrastructure needs to be deployed and maintained securely for its lifetime, and Canonical’s Ubuntu is well positioned to provide the foundation of a successful cybersecurity program.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Provide an introduction to cybersecurity and zero trust.
  • Highlight the common challenges faced in the implementation of cybersecurity programs, including challenges in vulnerability management, secure configuration of software and defenses against malware.
  • Discuss how Canonical and Ubuntu can help manage these challenges and lay the foundation of a successful cybersecurity program.