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Digital signage and kiosk
with Ubuntu

The easy, secure, and reliable way of building open source digital signage software for your business.

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Develop GUIs for IoT with our guide ›

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is moving out of standard support in April 2023.

If you are a device manufacturer, learn your options ›

Open source software for smart displays

Building a smart display solution? Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Frame is all you need. Entirely open source and long term supported by Canonical.


Keep sensitive information secure with an industrial proven OS. Enjoy an OS with built-in security and comprehensive features, such as applications strict confinement, full disk encryption, secure boot, plus 10 years of security maintenance that matches the lifetime of your device.


With more than 15 years of industrial experience, Ubuntu is one of the most mature graphical servers available today for embedded devices.

It has been used in kiosk, IoT, and digital signage solutions, including smart mirrors, health kiosks, and industrial panels.


Preferred by developers, Ubuntu's flexibility allows you to do more. Together with tools for deployment, provisioning, and over the air updates, you can get your smart display up and running in a matter of seconds. Simple integration so you can focus on business value.

Unlock the best smart displays experience

Enable a seamless and secure graphic experience powered by Canonical's open source technologies.

Give your screens the uptime and robustness they need, while simplifying the integration of your graphic application. From security to fleet management, with Ubuntu you can unlock:

  • Faster innovation: wide peripheral support, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, NFC, Bluetooth, software-defined radio, deep learning, audio, and camera support (including RealSense)
  • Streamline development: simplify the build of graphical outputs with services that bundle communication protocols, input protocols, and security policies into a single kit
  • Security: in-built security features, such as strict confinement, secure boot, and disk encryption, with up to ten years of security maintenance
  • Updated infrastructure: leverage a reliable software management infrastructure, with over-the-air low bandwidth updates, with automatic failure recovery
  • Remote maintenance: no need for on-site personnel with management tools to deploy, monitor and manage your Ubuntu devices

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Get started now with Ubuntu Core and Frame

An operating system designed for the edge

With a small footprint and serious power, Ubuntu Core reduces hardware costs while still running 4k video. As a low-cost, open source solution, it builds from its heritage on servers to bring a secure and stable platform, designed for 24/7 availability, and resistant to screen takeovers and other attacks.

Ubuntu Core brings all the security features and device management solutions you need to deploy, provision, and maintain your device.

Learn more about Ubuntu Core ›

A fullscreen shell for embedded displays

Ubuntu Frame unlocks a kiosk mode that helps you create a dedicated and locked-down user experience. Your graphic application will instantly run on full screen with all input modalities without needing to deal with the specific hardware.

Ubuntu Frame supports a range of applications built with GTK, Qt, Flutter, Electron. and SDL2. It also has a solution for applications based on HTML5 and Java.

Learn more about Ubuntu Frame ›

Learn more about smart displays on Ubuntu


Get in touch with one of our partners to help you build your Digital Signage or Kiosk solution using Ubuntu as the foundation of your technology stack.


Screenly provides the hardware and software you need to manage digital signs at scale. Update and schedule content, monitor screen health, and show content from your existing tech stack.

Learn more about Screenly › Read about the case study ›


An end-to-end software solution built on Ubuntu Core for media owners and buyers to plan, manage and deliver smart displays of any kind..

Learn more about Broadsign ›

Ready for all boards, frameworks, and applications

Minimise your costs and time to market: Ubuntu Core is compatible with the most popular boards and silicon.

Check the full list of Ubuntu certified hardware and find the right one for your application.

Raspberry Pi

Intel NUC


Kickstart your Digital Signage solution

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