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Screenly takes the next step in secure screen technology with Ubuntu Core

Learn how Ubuntu Core is enabling Screenly’s new business model, empowering the company to sell to leading, security conscious enterprises


Screenly is a global leader in digital signage technology, and for years its solutions have powered screens from boardrooms to bus stops, restaurants, hospitals, and coffee shops. But Screenly wanted to go a step further by delivering a development platform that would make it easy for users to create any kind of application that drives screens.

With this new business model targeting technical decision makers within high-tier enterprises and large public companies, Screenly knew that its security strategy would face a new level of scrutiny. Fortunately, Screenly was already using Ubuntu Core to power its solutions, providing the security capabilities, hardening and OTA update infrastructure necessary to satisfy the most demanding enterprise buyers.

“Being able to piggyback off of the Ubuntu Core foundation continues to give us a significant advantage. It’s like standing on the shoulders of giants, and we can build even further security on top.”

Viktor Petersson, CEO and Co-Founder, Screenly

Read the case study to discover how:

  • Ubuntu Core provides the foundation for Screenly’s security strategy
  • The trusted Ubuntu brand helps Screenly sell to leading, security-conscious enterprises
  • Ubuntu Core prevents worst-case-scenario pivot attacks
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