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Build Your Digital Signage Solution with Ubuntu Frame — The Developer Guide

Test, package and ship your embedded GUI for IoT

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Ubuntu Frame is the foundation for embedded displays. It is a free open-source tool designed to work seamlessly on Ubuntu to provide a reliable, secure, and easy way to embed your applications into a kiosk-style, IoT device, or digital signage solution.

With Ubuntu Frame, the graphic application you choose or design gets a fullscreen window, a dedicated set of windows behaviours, input from touch, keyboard, and mouse without needing to deal with the specific hardware, on-screen keyboard, and more.

This developer guide will show you how to deploy your graphic application that supports the Wayland protocol to work with Ubuntu Frame and Ubuntu Core. This guide is for developers looking to build kiosks, digital signage solutions, infotainment systems, IoT devices, or any other applications that require a graphic interface running on a screen.

This Developer Guide covers:

  1. Setting up the tools and environment required to package and deploy your IoT application on your desktop
  2. Testing if an application works with Ubuntu Frame on your desktop
  3. Troubleshooting some common issues
  4. Packaging the app as a snap and testing whether the snap works on your desktop
  5. Packaging the snap for an IoT device and testing it on the device
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