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High-Performance Computing Team

The Ubuntu High-Performance Computing (HPC) team aims to provide the highest quality HPC infrastructure, applications, and user experience for the Ubuntu ecosystem. HPC is the bedrock that underpins several major industries and critical research areas such as AI/ML, energy, bioinformatics, pharmacology, engineering, and meteorology. The HPC team works to provide the best free and open-source HPC stack from packaging all the way to cloud applications for Ubuntu.


Discourse Ubuntu HPC-oriented events are posted under the “Events” category on Events are cross-posted to the Announcements room on
Launchpad ~ubuntu-hpc


Every Wednesday at 16:30 UTC via Jitsi:


  • Jason C. Nucciarone | [~nuccitheboss]
  • Jaime F. de Souza | [~jaimesouzadf]
  • James Beedy | [~jamesbeedy]
  • Billy Olsen | [~wolsen]
  • Arif Ali | [~arif-ali]
  • Aly ElShafei | [~alyelshafei]


The Council of not so Ancient Elders:

  • Jason C. Nucciarone | [~nuccitheboss]
  • Jaime F. de Souza | [~jaimesouzadf]
  • James Beedy | [~jamesbeedy]
  • Billy Olsen | [~wolsen]

The gang of 4 who help steer the Ubuntu HPC community in initiatives, projects, conferences, meetups, and more as the community grows. After the Ubuntu HPC community grows to 50 regular, active members and has 2 consecutive appearances at the Ubuntu Summit, the CAE will shift to implementing a democratic process where all active members can vote on the direction of the community. Until that point, the CAE convenes during weekly virtual meetings to discuss the current and future trajectory of Ubuntu HPC with the community.

Please join the Ubuntu HPC Matrix space [] to contact the CAE for any questions regarding team governance.


Interested in joining? Send a message to the General room in the #ubuntu-hpc Matrix with a short introduction and what team you would like to be a part of and we will get you set up!

  • Community
    • The Community team works on scheduling HPC-oriented community workshops, organizing community meet-ups both in-person and virtually, sending out announcements, etc.
  • Development
    • The Development team works to enable HPC workloads on Ubuntu. They maintain packages, develop cloud flavors, create containers, write documentation, and more.
  • The Legion
    • The Legion tests the latest and greatest releases of the development team’s work and report/triage bugs and issues.

Additional Resources

We wrote up the following FAQ (frequently asked questions) to answer some commonly asked questions we receive. Please refer to it if you have any questions about joining the Ubuntu HPC team. Do not see your question? Feel free to send your message to the General room in the #ubuntu-hpc Matrix!

Can I join even if I do not feel like I am an HPC expert or have no idea what the Ubuntu HPC community does?

Absolutely! Ubuntu HPC is open to all those who are interested! Have no idea what HPC is or looking to learn more about what we do? Check out these awesome blog posts here!

Is there a time-commitment?

No, there is no specific time commitment! You can just hang out and talk about Ubuntu and HPC if that is what you are interested in. What we do ask though is that you refrain from taking on commitments if you know that you do not have enough time or bandwidth to deliver your contributions.

Can I contact this team for HPC support?

Support is provided on a best-effort basis; we are all busy people! The General room in the #ubuntu-hpc Matrix is the best place to go for live discussion. If your question is rather complicated, you would like to be able to reference the solution later, or you prefer asynchronous communication, we recommend posting your question on AskUbuntu instead. You can alert General to your AskUbuntu post by sharing the link.

Where should I go if I want to report an issue/bug?

Send a message to the General room on the #ubuntu-hpc Matrix. The team can help you triage the issue and point you to the correct project to raise a bug report against.

Where should I go if I want something packaged for Ubuntu?

Send a message to the General room on the #ubuntu-hpc Matrix. They can offer guidance on what you need to do to get started.

What if I am doing something interesting in HPC and want to share it with the Ubuntu HPC community?

We are always excited to discuss exciting new open-source projects in the HPC ecosystem, but we are not interested in being advertised to. If you have a free and open-source project that is open for community contribution that you would like to share with the Ubuntu HPC community, you are more than welcome to promote it. However, we ask that you refrain from promoting commercial and/or proprietary products and services.

Does this community team follow a code of conduct?

Yes, we follow and enforce the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, version 2.0. Please refer to the Ubuntu Community Ethos if you wish to learn more about our Code of Conduct, Diversity Policy, and Mission.

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