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Bridging and Integrations


Bridging with IRC

Bridging with Ubuntu IRC is being investigated with the IRC Council. This is the only bridging priority at the moment. IRC is the official Ubuntu synchronous communications tool and having a stable, self hosted bridging solution is really important. It is also important to get it right. Please stay tuned here for further information

Bridging with other chat platforms

Self hosting bridges with chat platforms outside of IRC is currently not on our roadmap.


Integrations showroom

If you want to see what Matrix is capable as a platform, you can have a look at our showroom space and rooms. You can join this public space and the rooms in it. Various integrations are displayed as examples. All integrations used are hosted by Element.

Element hosted integrations

A series of integrations hosted by Element are available on the Ubuntu Matrix instance. Room admins need to decide if they want to grant use of those or not. Please note those are not provided by Ubuntu, and the Ubuntu project cannot guarantee uptime for those integrations.

Ubuntu self hosted integrations

We are currently considering various self hosted integrations, but we are unable to provide further information or timeline yet.

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