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Ubuntu Teams

Any reasonably large project eventually needs someone at the helm to help steer the project’s general direction, make official decisions, and decide the right path to take in difficult situations. Ubuntu is no different, except for that it is so big that there are many, many different sub projects within it, each one governed by its own set of leaders.

Below is a list of key teams that operate within the Ubuntu project and their responsibilities:

Engineering Teams

Team Name Responsibility
Desktop Team Handle all of the packages which go into the Ubuntu desktop installation.
HPC Team The Ubuntu High-Performance Computing (HPC) team aims to provide the highest quality HPC infrastructure, applications, and user experience for the Ubuntu ecosystem.
Kernel Team Maintain the Linux kernel in Ubuntu.
Foundations Team Deliver the core Ubuntu system, common to the whole Ubuntu family of products and services, i.e. plumbing
QA Team Develop tools, policies, and practices for ensuring Ubuntu’s quality as a distribution as well as providing general advice, oversight, and leadership of QA activities within the Ubuntu project.
Release Team The Release Team helps bring together all the essential building blocks for every Ubuntu release.
Rocks Community The Rocks Community is your hub for exploring Ubuntu Rocks and everything “containers”.
Security Team Keep Ubuntu and its users secure through fixing vulnerabilities and contributing to its security development.
Server Team Deliver the best operating system for the cloud and scale-out computing.
Ubuntu Flutter Community Design and implementation of the flutter visuals, a whole additional set widgets specifically designed for the Ubuntu desktop, flutter yaru theme for the Ubuntu visuals in flutter apps, a dedicated flutter icon theme and the new snap-store front-end, plus many more apps in development.
Yaru Gnome Team Responsible for the visual design and implementation of modifications to the gnome shell theme and all Gtk app themes and icons.

Quality Assurance and Packaging Teams

Team Name Responsibility
Bug Squad Heroically handles the stream of bugs reported by Ubuntu users.
Papercuts Ninjas Papercuts fixing and new contributors supporting.
Ubuntu Universe Packaging Team Make Ubuntu’s Universe better and more attractive; be the optimal starting point for new Ubuntu Developers.

Localisation and Accessibility Teams

Team Name Responsibility
Accessibility Team Improve the accessibility technology and support available with Ubuntu and provide outreach.
Translation Team Co-ordinates the translation of Ubuntu into many languages.

Communication and News Teams

Team Name Responsibility
IRC Team Management of the Ubuntu IRC channels on
Forums Team Management of
Ubuntu News Team Gather and publish news on Ubuntu-related stories and Posting to the Fridge and UWN.

Support and Documentation Teams

Team Name Responsibility
Documentation Team Writes and maintains the core documentation for Ubuntu, including the system documentation and the help wiki.
Wiki Team Group of active wiki contributors working as a team to get things done quicker without redundancy.

Flavor Teams

Team Name Responsibility
Kubuntu Team Provide the KDE desktop and software to integrate KDE with Ubuntu.
Lubuntu Team Provide a lightweight and easy-to-use distribution, based on Ubuntu and LXQt.
Ubuntu Budgie Team Provide an Ubuntu powered desktop integrating the Budgie Desktop Environment.
Ubuntu Kylin Team Its purpose is to provide exquisite UE and make an operating system catering to the specific needs of Chinese users.
Ubuntu MATE Team Provide an Ubuntu based operating system that beautifully integrates the MATE desktop.
Ubuntu Studio Team To provide an installable disk for multimedia production machines and better maintain those apps in Ubuntu.
Ubuntu Unity Team Provide the Unity desktop environment for the modern Ubuntu desktop.
Xubuntu Team To develop and promote the Xfce desktop on Ubuntu, striving for an elegant and easy-to-use OS, that is also light and accessible.

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