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Community Support

The Ubuntu Community provides a number of resources to help support new and experienced users, provide spaces for discussion, and help troubleshoot common technical issues.

Official Documentation

Ubuntu Documentation

The Ubuntu Documentation Team provides official support guides for Ubuntu and the many projects within its ecosystem. Official Documentation is provided in a number of formats and languages.

Read official Ubuntu Documentation

Chat and Discussion

Matrix Chat

Matrix is an instant messaging (IM) platform where you can talk to Ubuntu community members and developers in an open setting. Many Ubuntu projects have public rooms where you can ask for help. You can see all our public rooms in the Ubuntu Space. We also have a dedicated room for support.

Join the Ubuntu Support room on Matrix.

If you’re new to Matrix, you can easily create an account by following the guide Getting started with Matrix.

IRC Chat

IRC, also known as Internet Relay Chat, allows real-time text messaging and is arranged in a series of rooms or channels. Each channel has a particular topic where members can communicate with one another in an open setting. If you have a question or need assistance, the Ubuntu Community has a number of IRC channels you can join.

Visit the IRC Channel List for a catalog of the Ubuntu Community channels.

If you’ve never used IRC before, check out the IRC Introduction.

Technical Support

Ubuntu Forums

The Ubuntu Forums is a community of experts who share information, answer questions, and train Ubuntu users. There are subforums for project teams, LoCos, developers, and many others. The Ubuntu Forums provides support for both new and experienced users. Most new-user help is in the English language.

Browse the Ubuntu Forums


AskUbuntu is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. Users seeking assistance can ask and update questions along with rating the quality of the answers they receieve. Please note this site is English only.

Start asking questions at AskUbuntu

Mailing Lists

Ubuntu Mailing Lists

Within the Ubuntu ecosystem, mailing lists are used to share information and act as a means of group communication over email. There are lists for general announcements, Ubuntu development, community discussion and many others. Some lists are announcement-only while others allow for open discussion.

Explore subscriptions to the Ubuntu Mailing Lists.

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