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Ubuntu Local Community Verification

Ubuntu Local Community teams who have demonstrated a sustained track record and a commitment to the values of the Ubuntu Community can apply for verification. LoCo Teams that are awarded verification status will have access to various perks and benefits, including:

  • Ubuntu Merchandise packs
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • Custom Ubuntu Discourse tags and badges
  • Official recognition on

Local Communities Verification Process

Below are the steps to request LoCo team verification:

  1. Create a topic regarding your LoCo team verification on the Ubuntu Discourse under the respective LoCo team category.

  2. Add a short overview of the activities undertaken in the LoCo over the past 6 months with links to showcase the same. This can include blog posts, event reports, photos, etc.

  3. Tag the LoCo Council (@loco-council) on the verification topic requesting a review at the next meeting.

  4. The council will vote and voice their opinions, and if approved, the team will be awarded verified status.

Reverification Process

  1. Once the team is approved, the reverification process is simple as teams get to extend their membership themselves at the end of every two years.

  2. Once the verification has been auto-extended, the team can open a discourse topic on their plan for the next two years and notify the council regarding the same.

  3. If the auto-extension deadline is missed, teams can send an email to the LoCo Council or tag (@loco-council) in an Ubuntu LoCo Discourse topic for reinstatement of verified status.

Previously Verified teams

The same reverification process above applies to previously verified LoCo teams. A team that was historically verified will need to request a review by the LoCo Council (@loco-council) for reinstatement with the details of when they were last verified and plans for the near future as a team.

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