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Taking conflict to the Community Council

The Community Council is responsible for enforcing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Some of that responsibility is delegated to individual Team Councils and platform moderators to ensure quick and tailored response.

Ubuntu is a large and diverse community, and conflict will naturally arise. The Code of Conduct defines our standards of behavior, but it should not be used as a rulebook to resolve every disagreement. We value a collaborative environment where everyone works to resolve conflict constructively. This page describes the process to follow when individual attempts to resolve conflict have failed, or are infeasible.

  1. First try to sum up the problem in a very neutral and rational way. Try to identify the problems that led to the situation and any possible flaws in processes.
  2. If applicable, get in touch with members of your Team Council or platform moderators and describe the situation.
  3. If they were not able to help you sufficiently, talk directly to the Community Council. You can contact them by sending an email to Include the neutral description of what is going wrong.
  4. The Community Council will investigate the matter and decide on the appropriate action. The Community Council will respect the privacy and security of the reporter at all times.

To ensure the privacy and safety of everyone involved, the Community Council generally does not publicly communicate about investigations and actions.

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