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Ubuntu Membership

Ubuntu Membership is an official recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu or the Ubuntu community. Individuals who apply, and are awarded membership, are entitled to special perks and recognition within the community.

Membership Requirements

We look for sustained and significant contributions in membership applications. While there is no precise period that we look for, it is recommended that individuals applying for membership have at least 6 months of sustained Ubuntu-related contributions along with supporting testimonials from other contributors in the community.

Learn more about the Ubuntu Membership Requirements.

Membership Perks

Individuals who are awarded membership are entitled to a number of unique benefits including:

  • A certificate signed by Canonical CEO, Mark Shuttleworth.
  • Voting privileges to confirm Ubuntu Community Council nominations.
  • Ubuntu Pro for up to 50 systems for access to ESM and Kernel Live Patching
  • An email alias that forwards to your real email address.
  • An Ubuntu Member cloak on Libera.Chat.
  • and other enticing perks.

Membership Application Process

If you think you meet the contribution requirements, please see the Membership Application Process to discover how to create and submit your application.

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