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Ubuntu Community Council

The Ubuntu Community Council is the primary community (i.e., non-technical) governance body for the Ubuntu project. Members are appointed by Mark Shuttleworth and approved by a vote by the entire Ubuntu membership.

The Community Council meets every two weeks on IRC, in the #ubuntu-meeting channel on the network. More information on the council and on Ubuntu governance in general is on the Ubuntu Governance page.


The Community Council chose to delegate some of its powers and responsibilities (like approval of Ubuntu membership) to Team Councils.

The governance bodies that need to be restaffed (because of members stepping down or term lengths running out), follow the restaffing process.


The current membership of the council is listed on its Launchpad page.

Contact Info

You may contact the Community Council by posting a topic in this category or by sending an email to All Ubuntu community-related queries and questions are welcome.

Meetings and Business

Information on Community Council meetings and business is on the Community Council Agendas and Schedule.

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