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Join an Ubuntu Local Community

Active LoCo Teams

Below are the currently active Ubuntu Local Community teams. To learn more information about their community or how to join them, simply click on their name.


Ubuntu Nigeria


Ubuntu India
Ubuntu Indonesian Team
Ubuntu Korea
Ubuntu Malaysia
Ubuntu Philippines
Ubuntu Taiwan


Ubuntu Catalan LoCo Team
Ubuntu Czechia / Slovakia LoCo Team
Ubuntu Greece
Ubuntu Italian LoCo
Ubuntu Latvia
Ubuntu Portugal
Ubuntu Sweden LoCo Team
Ubuntu UK LoCo Team

North America

Arizona LoCo
California LoCo
North Dakota LoCo

South America

Ubuntu Colombia
Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Is your active Ubuntu Local Community not listed? Let us know on the Ubuntu LoCo Support.

Are you interested in creating a new Ubuntu Local Community for your region? Learn how here!

Historic / Inactive LoCo Teams

Below are LoCo teams that have not created an event within the past year. Teams in this list will be moved into the Active list upon new activity or by request.

Are you interested in restarting one of the LoCo Teams below, please see the Ubuntu LoCo FAQ.

View Historic / Inactive LoCo Teams


Benin Ubuntu
South African Ubuntu team
Ubuntu Algeria
Ubuntu Burkina faso
Ubuntu Cameroonian LoCo Team
Ubuntu CI
Ubuntu DR Congo Team
Ubuntu Egypt LoCo
Ubuntu Ethiopia
Ubuntu Mali
Ubuntu Mauritius
Ubuntu Moroccan Users
Ubuntu Mozambique Team
Ubuntu Namibia LoCo
Ubuntu Niger LoCo Team
Ubuntu Senegal Team
Ubuntu Uganda Team
Ubuntu Zimbabwe
Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team


Afghanistan Ubuntu LoCo Team
Esperanto-komunumo de Ubuntu
Indian Local Community
Kuban Ubuntu LoCo
Kurdish Kurmanji Team
Sri Lanka LoCo team
Novosibirsk Ubuntu Team
Omsk Ubuntu Local Community
Saint Petersburg LoCo Team
Thai Loco Team
Ubuntu Armenian Local Community
Ubuntu Azerbaijan LoCo
Ubuntu Bangladesh
Ubuntu Cambodia
Ubuntu China LoCo Team
Ubuntu Delhi
Ubuntu Georgia
Ubuntu Hong Kong Team
Ubuntu Iranian Team
Ubuntu Israel
Ubuntu Japanese Team
Ubuntu Jordan Team
Ubuntu Mongolia
Ubuntu Nashik
Ubuntu Palestinian LoCo Team
Ubuntu Qatar
Ubuntu Russian Local Community
Ubuntu Saudi Arabia LoCo Team
Ubuntu Singapore
Ubuntu Syrian LoCo
Ubuntu Taiwan Local Community
Ubuntu Tamil Team
Ubuntu Turkey
Ubuntu UAE LoCo Team
Ubuntu Vietnam
Ubuntu Yemen LoCo Team
உபுண்டு கோயம்புத்தூர் Loco
உபுண்டு மலைக்கோட்டை Loco


Ubuntu Australian TeamUbuntu
New Zealand Team


Albanian LoCo Team
Asturian Ubuntu Team
Belgian Local Community Team
Catalan LoCo Team
Esperanto-komunumo de Ubuntu
Faroese (fo)
German Ubuntu LoCo Team
Kuban Ubuntu LoCo
Kurdish Kurmanji Team
Latviešu Latvian
Ubuntu LoCo Team
France LoCo Team
Novosibirsk Ubuntu Team
Omsk Ubuntu Local Community
Saint Petersburg LoCo Team
Ubuntu Albania -LUG Team
Ubuntu Austria
Ubuntu Croatia
Ubuntu Croatian Advocates
Ubuntu Croatian Translators
Ubuntu Cymru
Ubuntu Cyprus
Ubuntu Czech Republic
Ubuntu Danmark Local Community
Ubuntu Finland
Ubuntu Fryslân
Ubuntu Galicia LoCo Team
Ubuntu Greece
Ubuntu Hungary
Ubuntu Ireland
Ubuntu Ísland
Ubuntu Lithuanian Local Community
Ubuntu Moldova Local Team
Ubuntu Montenegro
Ubuntu Nederland
Ubuntu Norge
Ubuntu Polish LoCo Team
Ubuntu Romanian Local Team
Ubuntu Russian Local Community
Ubuntu Slovenian Team
Ubuntu Spain
Ubuntu Srbija
Ubuntu Turkey
Ubuntu Switzerland

North America

Alaska Ubuntu LoCo Team
Colorado Ubuntu Local Team(DEPRECATED)
Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Esperanto-komunumo de Ubuntu
Florida LoCo Team
Grupo Kubuntu Nicaragua
Indiana LoCo Team
Kansas LoCo Team
Missouri Team
Montana LoCo Team
Oklahoma LoCo Team
Pennsylvania - US LoCo Team
Tennessee Team
Ubuntu Arkansas LoCo Team
Ubuntu Belize
Ubuntu California
Ubuntu Canada
Ubuntu Cuba Team
Ubuntu Dallas
Ubuntu Delaware LoCo Team
Ubuntu El Salvador Team
Ubuntu Georgia LoCo
Ubuntu Guatemala
Ubuntu Haiti
Ubuntu Hawai`i LoCo Team
Ubuntu Honduras
Ubuntu Idaho Team
Ubuntu Iowa LoCo Team
Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo Team
Ubuntu LoCo Team Costa Rica
Ubuntu Louisiana LoCo Team
Ubuntu Maine
Ubuntu Maryland LoCo Team
Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo
Ubuntu Mexico
Ubuntu Minnesota LoCo Team
Ubuntu Nebraska LoCo Team
Ubuntu Nevada
Ubuntu New Hampshire LoCo Team
Ubuntu New Mexico Team
Ubuntu New York
Ubuntu Nicaragua
Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team
Ubuntu Ohio
Ubuntu Oregon LoCo
Ubuntu Panama
Ubuntu Quebec
Ubuntu South Carolina LoCo
Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo Team
Ubuntu Texas LoCo Team
Ubuntu United States - NJ
Ubuntu Utah LoCo Team
Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo
Ubuntu Virginia LoCo Team
Ubuntu Washington LoCo
Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team
Washington, DC LoCo

South America

Argentina LoCo
Bolivian Ubuntu Team
Esperanto-komunumo de Ubuntu
Ubuntu Brasil
Ubuntu Brasil - CE
Ubuntu Brasil - MA
Ubuntu Brasil - RS
Ubuntu Brasil - SC
Ubuntu Brasil - SP
Ubuntu Chile
Ubuntu Ecuador Team
Ubuntu Paraguay Team
Ubuntu Perú
Ubuntu Trinidad and Tobago Team
Ubuntu Uruguay LoCo Team

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