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How-to publish and list rooms and spaces

If you have a room that is part of the broader Ubuntu community, you should get it published and added to the Ubuntu Community space ( ). If instead you have a collection of rooms for your area or team, please create a space first that groups these rooms. You can then get your space published and listed into the Ubuntu Community space.

To publish your public room encryption must be turned off. There is no advantage in encrypted public room. It is not possible to search the room history or configure mentions and keywords in encrypted rooms.

Please send a message in this room: , ask to add your rooms to the official room list.

Moderators will perform a few tasks on your room or space:

  1. Add your room or space to the published list. This will make your room or space searchable in the Ubuntu Matrix instance.

  2. Add your room or space to the Ubuntu Community space. Anyone who joined this space can easily see your room or space.

  3. Invite moderator bot to your room(s) and change its power level to “Admin”. The bot will grant automated protections. You can see more details on this moderator bot on this link.

    :information_source: Granting the bot admin rights is necessary for the bot to function properly. See the Official Rooms and Spaces policy for more information.

  4. Add this reminder to the room topic: Please follow the CoC:

  5. Ensure that room admins understand the expectations and requirements for owning an official Ubuntu Room

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