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Ubuntu Local Community FAQ

Where does the term LoCo come from?

LoCo is shorthand for Local Communities. There are millions of Ubuntu users all over the world. LoCos provide an opportunity for those users to gather together in their respective regions to network, host meetups and advocate for Ubuntu and Open Source.

What is Ubuntu Local Community verification?

Ubuntu LoCo teams who have demonstrated a sustained track record and a commitment to the values of the Ubuntu Community can apply for verification. Verified teams have access to various perks and benefits within the greater Ubuntu community.

Learn more about the Ubuntu Local Community Verification Process.

Who can I reach out to for help with my Local Community?

If you are experiencing a problem or have a question about LoCos program, you can reach out to the LoCo Council. The LoCo Council is the governing body that makes decisions on resource allocation, deals with conflict resolution and makes decisions about where the project should move forward.

For general questions about the Ubuntu Local Community program, you may also create a topic in the LoCo Support category of the Ubuntu Discourse.

The LoCo in my region is inactive, how can I restart it?

If you’re interested in taking over a LoCo team that has been inactive for a sustained period (Over 1 year) please send an email to the LoCo council with the subject “Request change of LoCo Ownership” to the LoCo Council including:

  • Your name and link to your Launchpad profile.
  • The LoCo team that you wish to take ownership of.
  • A brief explanation of why you would like to assume ownership of the LoCo

If the council confirms your request, you will be given access to that LoCo and notified via email.

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