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How-to report abuse and ask for operator help

How to report abuse and ask for Defender help🔗

Matrix users that see offensive, inappropriate, or CoC violating content, can help the operations team by reporting it. The procedure is very simple. Defenders can help with this type of task and they can protect all official Ubuntu rooms. If you need a Defender, please follow the short guide below:

  • Join the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room
  • Send a message in this room asking Defender’s help and pointing to the room where action needs to be taken. You can follow this example: !defenders please help in room

Adding !defenders before your message triggers a notification to all the defenders in the Ubuntu homeserver, therefore can be used in any room.

How to ask for moderation help and advice🔗

When a Matrix users witnesses behavior that is not obvious spam, inappropriate, or breaching the CoC, a moderator might be needed. Moderators observe situations, de-escalate when possible, and intervene when necessary. If you need help of a moderator, follow the short guide below:

  • Click on the name of the room from the top bar at the center of your Element client.
  • From the dropdown, select “People” and click on it.
  • A panel will open on the right side of your Element client, with a list of users.
  • Look for users that have “Mod” next to their name. If you see none, you can reach out to users that have “Admin” next to their name.
  • Select the moderator or administrator you want to contact, and click on the user name.
  • The panel changes to the particular user. From the “Options”, select “Message”

How to reach the Matrix Council🔗

If you need to escalate an issue or reach out to the Matrix Council, please check refer to this article: How-to contact the Ubuntu Matrix Council

Useful documentation

If you want to learn more about moderation and Matrix in general, you can have a look at the documents below:

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